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From Baylor’s Sickening Silence to Nation’s Two-Party Puppet Show, IT’S TIME TO DEMAND CHANGES

As many of you are fully aware, Baylor University (along with the dark, evil leaders of the school’s twisted police department) continues to stand in silence when it’s comes to it’s Art Briles-blaming and manipulative mishandling of numerous rape cases on the Christian campus in Waco, Texas.

To be blunt, a heavy portion of the propaganda and blame both begins and ends with the University’s controlling, deceiving, and power-hungry Baylor Police Department (although the disturbing, dishonest Board of Regents also play a vital role in the ongoing silence stance).

And to continue on this cruise down honesty lane, this country’s educational “institutions” sicken me nearly as much as our nation’s organized religious “institutions.”

Both claim to stand by high morals and values, but in truth fall far short of anything close to even basic beliefs such as honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

Sadly but true, both are merely pawns of prey craving control of our lives and our minds.

And the leaders of such institutions MUST be held accountable for their evil and deceiving lies and actions.

It’s time to speak up and take a stand.

It’s time to demand answers, as united we stand.

And it’s time to put those puppet leaders ON THE STAND.

From Baylor University’s rape case incompetence to America’s corrupt two-party politics, the time to loudly stand and demand major change is HERE and NOW.

Who else will stand by my side in this love-based truth revolution?

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Duke Basketball: Regardless of Latest Setback, Blue Devils Will Bounce Back

Now that No. 1 Duke lost a game on the NCAA hardwood this season, ESPN analysts and all the other guys looking for an angle on a story can shutup about the Blue Devils going an entire season undefeated.

Not losing an entire game throughout and entire basketball season, especially in the hoops haven that is the Atlantic Coast Conference, is damn near impossible.

And don’t start talking about the Connecticut women.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right here and now: men’s and women’s NCAA basketball are two completely different sports, and should be viewed the same way.

Honestly, why does the NCAA lump men’s and women’s college basketball records into one giant category as if it were one and the same?

That’s not a slam against women’s basketball by any means; we don’t compare college baseball and softball stats and records do we?

Enough already!

Trust me when I say that coach Mike Krzyzewski and his always-changing, always-in-the-hunt Blue Devils will and are still one of the best teams in the nation.

Face them in March, and you’ll be heading back home before you know it.

In the same breath, watch out for Florida State this season as well.

I hate to admit it, but the Seminoles have already pulled out some pretty big wins this year—with key victories over both the Baylor Bears and Duke Blue Devils in the past month—and appear to be bracket-bound, regardless of it only being mid-January.

Regardless of how strong and solid Florida State will be down the stretch this season, I can guarantee you that Duke will bounce back.

Coach K can likely now breathe a sigh of relief after the Blue Devils’ latest setback as well, using the loss as both a learning tool and inspiration for his young and talented team as the season wears on.

Sure, Duke will drop a few notches in the rankings after Wednesday night’s road loss.

But the path to March Madness is a long and windy road, and I really won’t be surprised if the Blue Devils own one of the four No. 1 seeds as the race to Reliant Stadium’s Final Four has truly already begun…


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BAYLOR BASKETBALL UPDATE: Bears fall to Purdue in NCAA Tourney, garner highly successful season with Drew at the helm

BAYLOR BASKETBALL UPDATE: Bears fall to Purdue in NCAA Tourney, garner highly successful season with Drew at the helm

By Denton Ramsey, NCAA Sportswriter/Big 12 Fans Baylor Correspondent


WACO, Texas – Now that the bracket’s been notched down to the Sweet 16, it’s time to take a look back at the season that was for the Baylor Bears basketball team.

The green and gold men’s hoops team, under the direction and leadership of the one and only Scott Drew, had a highly successful season – compiling a 21-11 overall record while establishing the team as one of the up-and-coming programs in a very elite conference with a 9-7 mark in Big 12 play.

Despite a disappointing first round Big 12 Tourney loss to Colorado in double overtime, the Bears still made the Big Dance – with BU bursting their bubble status when the final pairings were announced on Selection Sunday.

“How sweet man,” Baylor’s Curtis Jerrells said following the news the team had made the NCAA Tourney. “I was a little nervous. It was faith. First off, we just want to thank God for giving us the opportunity for being a part of the NCAA Tournament.

“This is something that we set out to do all season. We felt like we worked hard enough to do it, and it just came down to that last spot. We just had to have faith, so we just want to thank God.”

Coach Drew concurred with his junior star guard.

“I think I lost my voice in all of the screaming and the excitement, so I apologize for that,” Drew said. “I also want to echo CJ’s [Curtis Jerrells] thoughts about thanking the Lord for helping us get to this situation. Being the 65th pick is indicative of the Baylor Bears; we persist and we hang in there. When it looks like we are down and out, we are able to come through. This is very exciting for us and the fans.

“When you put in perspective, it is the second time Baylor has been to the NCAA tournament in 58 years. So it has been a long time coming. Being able to progress this far as we have in such a short time is just a tribute to the players that we brought in, the school administration and the community that has been able to support us over this time.”

And regardless of a first round 90-79 loss to Purdue when the NCAA Tournament tipped off last week, the Baylor Bears still have a lot to be proud of – and they also have a lot to look forward to.

“It wasn’t the performance that we wanted, but at the same time I think this team has accomplished a tremendous amount this year,” Drew said. “It’s something that hopefully they can be proud of the rest of their lives.”

Jerrells led the way for Baylor in their match-up with Purdue, netting 27 points while dishing out eight assists in the Bears first round loss to the Boilermakers.

“In the second half, we thought we were coming back,” Baylor sophomore guard Tweety Carter said. “We had all season long. But we just couldn’t come back [against Purdue].”

Also contributing in the scoring department for BU were freshman guard LaceDarius Dunn with 15 points and junior guard Henry Dugat, who matched his freshman teammate by chipping in with 15 points.

“We gained a lot; we gained hunger,” Jerrells said. “I think the taste in our mouth will be a whole lot better next year. And we’ll actually guard somebody.”

One way or the other, the Bears have a lot to be proud of – as senior guard Aaron Bruce can testify.

“When I first got here, thinking of days like this and thinking about going to the tournament wasn’t even in the picture,” Bruce said. “I think it is just a testament [to this program]; the coaching staff, and the people that they brought in. We’re fighters and we are going to keep fighting.

“You count us out, we are going to show up on a board on the NCAA tournament sooner or later, and that is what we did. It is just a credit to those guys, credit to the staff, and everybody that has something to do with [the Baylor basketball program].”

In addition to leading the team in scoring in a losing effort for Baylor against Purdue, Jerrells also became the first player to score at least 27 points and eight or more assists since Dwyane Wade put up 29 points and dished out 11 assists for Marquette in an Elite Eight battle with Kentucky on March 29, 2003 – a game that Wade and the Golden Eagles won to advance to the Final Four.


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