Channeling Changes

by dentonramsey

I’ve personally been going through some epic emotional and mental changes in my life lately, especially in terms of differentiating the desire of wants from the necessity of needs — finding silver linings in each and every situation, regardless of how chaotic and heart-wrenching the initial encounter may feel at the onset — while mindfully maintaining a consistently calm and openly optimistic outlook during life’s weary waves of pain and pitfalls.

It’s all about tweaking our thoughts towards persistently positive mental messages — ultimately leading to realistic yet radical results.

I honestly strive to be an inspiring influence to each and every individual I meet or converse with on any given day of my life — and I’ve also learned to truly forgive, both myself and others — emphatically embracing an anger-free attitude and lifestyle. 

Our daily walk on this earth encounters enough raging resentment as is — and it’s anger that could easily be erased through positive practices of changing the way we think, act, and interact.

I’m ready to collectively channel changes of our thoughts and minds.

Anyone else ready to swan dive into this mental movement and boldly board the train?

Denton Ramsey may be reached via email at