Hands should be illegal

by dentonramsey

In wake of the latest tragedy in South Carolina that took the lives of nine amazing individuals, the focus should be on the people who died and their impact on the community — not gun control.

Guns don’t kill people; evil people kill people.

And if guns were illegal, it would be another form of mass killings taking place.

People are killed by hands alone on a damn-near daily basis, but is the use of one’s hands illegal?

It’s also sad to me when politicians, such as President Barack Obama, use tragedies such as this as a political platform to begin a debate over gun control.

This isn’t about gun control!

Wake up, America.

As a 36-year-old white male and father, it sickens me that racial tensions still exist — and I’m almost sad to call myself white because I am so ashamed by the hideous acts of violence by the “hands of the white man.”

If we really want to help both South Carolina and our nation heal, let’s focus on the lives of those lost and quit coating the tragedy with issues such as gun control.

Do I believe the individual responsible for these acts of violence is guilty and deserves the death penalty?


But for now, let’s focus on healing.

One victim and one day at time…
Denton Ramsey may be reached via email at drpragency@gmail.com