SPORTS ADDICT: Phenom Phelps Clinches Epic Eight…

by dentonramsey

SPORTS ADDICT: Phenom Phelps Clinches Epic Eight…

By Denton Ramsey

This guy is absolutely incredible.

For those unaware of whom “this guy” is, wake up and smell the chlorine.

Words truly cannot describe the events that have taken place since Michael Phelps landed in Beijing’s Water Cube.

Many great words have come close – with writers and commentators across the globe using one-hitters such as ‘epic,’ ‘incredible’ and ‘magical.’

But just like Phelps’ opponents, none come close to finishing first.

Even pictures don’t do justice of how close, how phenomenal this 23-year-old swimming legend truly is.

From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to video games to the world’s fastest swimmer, America is hooked on Phelps.

Kings Quest

Before landing in Beijing, Phelps – along with his coach and mentor, Bob Bowman – came to the 2008 Olympics with one goal: to go 8-for-8 and surpass Mark Spitz’s seven Golds in one Games record.

During the span of the past nine days, Phelps has grown from an American Idol to a World Warrior – garnering more air-time than both presidential candidates combined.

And he deserves every second of the coverage.

Phelps has helped to not only revitalize the sport of swimming, but he has also helped rejuvenate a sense of American pride for millions across the universe.

In addition, millions more are tuning in to watch other Olympic sports and team USA thanks to Phelps.

On Sunday morning (Saturday evening in the States), Phelps accomplished the final leg of his eight Golds goal, celebrating with his U.S. teammates as his mother, sisters and millions of Americans cheered him on.

Job well done, King Phelps…

A Mother’s Love

Though Phelps’ story has been told again and again, not enough can be said about the swimming star’s mother – as well as her never-ending love and support of her son.

Deborah Phelps is Michael’s number one fan.

And despite the nerves and the tension of raising her son and two daughters alone, Deborah has been there through it all.

Through Michael’s nine day journey for eight gold medals, the cameras have done a remarkable job catching all the actions and reactions of the Phelps family – with tremendous focus on mom Phelps.

Like mother, like son: winners from start to finish…

French Talkin’

Leave it to France to start the trash talking.

Prior to the American’s day two meet in the 4 x 100m free relay, France’s Alain Bernard was quoted as saying the French were going to smash the Americans.

Mistake, Bernard, before a swimmer even hit the water.

Thanks to Jason Lezak’s incredible anchor leg finish, the Americans made the French eat their words.

He also kept Phelps’ quest for eight alive.

Take that, Bernard… a U.S. victory by .08 seconds.

Sweet Swim Seven

Talk about cutting it close.

One one-hundredths of a second close.

That’s what it took for Phelps to fulfill his seventh step in his unprecedented goal, beating Milorad Cavic by the slimmest of margins.

And he did it with passion and excitement, nipping Cavic on a final heave to the finish line to clinch a phenomenal come-from-behind victory in the 100m fly.

I couldn’t help but scream, “Yes!” at the stop of my lungs as “1. Phelps” popped up on the television as Michael touched the block ahead of Cavic.

Michael Phelps had done it once again.

And once again, he did it humbly and stunningly while representing America as the greatest Olympic athlete of all-time.

Elite Eighth

Going into the final medley, team USA knew that getting that final eighth medal for Phelps wouldn’t come easily.

However, shortly after the foursome hit the pool at the Water Cube in the 4 x 100m medley relay, Americans across the world knew what was in store: history in the making.

Once again, team USA made it look fairly easy – gliding to an undefeated and world record swim to bring home Phelps’ eighth and final heroic victory in Beijing.

Move over, Michael Jordan.

Watch out, Tiger Woods.

The new top-notch athlete has been introduced to the world, and his name is Michael Phelps.

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