SPORTS ADDICT: The real reason OU beat BU in Norman is due to awful officiating and straight-up cheating…

by dentonramsey

SPORTS ADDICT: The real reason OU beat BU in Norman is due to awful officiating and straight-up cheating…

Commentary by Denton Ramsey, NCAA Basketball Sportswriter/Big 12 Fans Baylor Correspondent


WACO, Texas – I have never in my life seen as much unsportsmanlike conduct by a team as was exhibited by the Oklahoma Sooners against the Baylor Bears on Tuesday evening, Feb. 19 in Norman, Okla.

On top of that, I honestly don’t think I have a seen a more one-sided officiated game as called by the Big 12 trio of Steve Welmer, Mark Whitehead and Curtis Shaw.

In my opinion, those three should be fined, fired and never allowed to officiate another game as long as they live.

Yes, the Bears may have now lost four straight.

But at least they can say they didn’t cheat to get to where they are today.

And, they literally did everything in their power to make it a game on Tuesday night on the road – forcing overtime before a ridiculous call came against Baylor’s Aaron Bruce with 7.3 seconds left in OT after a made three-pointer by OU gave the Sooners a chance to take the lead at the free throw line.

First of all, Bruce never touched the Oklahoma player shooting the three; in fact, not a single part of his body touched the Sooner taking the shot.

Secondly, the “fight” that occurred earlier in the game was started – no doubt about it – by Oklahoma.

Yet two Baylor players – Mark Shepherd, who left with a laceration above his eye and trouble breathing after being put in a full-nelson by Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin prior to throwing an elbow in Griffin’s direction to get the OU forward to let him go, and Richard Hurd, who apparently was tossed for standing up for his teammate, were ejected after the skirmish with just one, an ASSISTANT COACH, being ejected for OU.


In addition, the Bears were whistled for 33 fouls compared to 23 fouls called on the Sooners – with OU outscoring BU at the charity stripe 28-17 (37 attempts for Oklahoma, 23 attempts for Baylor).

For those looking at the final box score for Oklahoma’s win over Baylor, they will find the sheet full of lies – two BU players were tossed from the game for so-called flagrant fouls while no OU players were ejected (the “official” box score has no Baylor players ejected, but those watching the game on television know that is not the case).

The NCAA needs to be held accountable for these actions.

First, their officials call an awful game – through the first half, second half and especially in overtime.

Secondly, it appears to me as though the NCAA now wants to cover this whole thing up by not mentioning anything about this incident in the official box score.

Also, the officials REVIEWED the skirmish before ejecting the two BU players – did they just decided to ignore what they saw and only punish Baylor?

Either way, it’s unreal and unfair.

The Big 12 and the NCAA need to look into this matter – and fast.

Baylor shouldn’t have lost in OU – and Sooner fans can say all they want about Curtis Jerrells being whistled for a foul in the lane with one second left and a chance to win the game for BU.

It never should have come down to that.

Bruce never fouled the OU shooter on the other end and the game should have been tied at 91; we should have played another five minutes of overtime.

Instead, the officials handed the Sooners a 92-91 Big 12 win – propelling the Oklahoma basketball team, albeit by cheating, into a two-way tie for fourth place with Texas A&M.

Let’s even go back towards the beginning of the game, when Oklahoma had a steal that led to a fast break the other way.

Have you ever, in your entire life of watching college hoops, seen a teammate showboat by tossing the ball off the glass as an “alley-oop” of sorts to setup a thunderous slam?

In my opinion, definitely should have been whistled for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The sad thing is that not only was it not called unsportsmanlike, but OU head coach Jeff Capel appears to applaud the unsportsmanlike play of his players.

I guess that shouldn’t surprise me coming from Capel, a guy who loves to think of himself as a mini-god in college hoops…

Grow up, Capel – learn to win the right way, not by showboating and cheating.

The Oklahoma basketball team, coaching staff and the trio of officials who called Tuesday night’s game should all be investigated.

And if any wrongdoings are uncovered, they should all be severely punished.

The Bears are back in NCAA basketball, I guarantee you.

It’s just impossible to win games if the officials are going to cheat the entire time – from the opening tip to the 7.3-second mark in overtime.

Coach Scott Drew and the Baylor Bears basketball team deserve an apology and a win.

Unfortunately, I doubt they will receive either as the NCAA would rather pretend this never occurred than to actually do something about their terrible officiating crew.

If this is how Baylor games are going to be called the rest of the season, we’ll never win again.

But I’m not about to watch my Bears go down in flames due to cheating.

Wake up, NCAA – Baylor deserves, at the very least, sportsmanlike respect.

And, OU better get their heads out of their exits-only before they become so wrapped up in themselves that they think the world has come to an end and that they are all little deities led by mini-god Capel…

No matter how you slice it, the Sooners are a stuck-up bunch of jerks – and you can tell they learned it from the man at the helm, none other than Mr. Capel himself.

I just can’t wait until my Bears get revenge come Big 12 tourney time.

My only hope, and prayer, is that the same officiating crew won’t be hitting the hardwood come March…


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