COMMENTARY: Pierce appears to be a good fit for Marlin city management…

by dentonramsey

COMMENTARY: Pierce appears to be a good fit for Marlin city management…

By Denton Ramsey, Managing Editor


It’s about time.

On Tuesday night, Jan. 15 in City Chambers, a near miracle occurred when council members remained on the same page for nearly an hour – unanimously approving the hiring of Gordon Pierce as the Marlin Interim City Manager.

For those in the community, last Tuesday’s decision gives hope to a town in desperate need of filling a void in city management after Randy Holly (who carried with him an astonishing array of brilliance and knowledge on the town’s issues), resigned amid council controversy at the end of last year.

And in my opinion, Pierce is a great fit for the role as interim city manager, bringing with him 38 years of experience in the field as well as a proven and positive track record.

Pierce was hired through a company called Texas First Group Replacement Service, a management team based out of San Antonio and comprised of city personnel retirees.

Marlin’s newly selected administrator will be holding down the fort as Marlin’s interim leader when the council convenes next month – a regular meeting slated for Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 5:30 p.m. in City Chambers.

I can only hope, and pray, that we can continue to work together for the good of the city.

Pierce is a hands-on guy and appears to be very optimistic – once again, something this city desperately needs when it comes to public administration.

Unfortunately, we have lost quite a few talented and brilliant individuals along the way.

However, unlike the recent and ongoing controversial Mitchell Report (Senator George Mitchell’s report to Congress regarding alleged steroid use in Major League Baseball), I do not want to dwell on the past and prior mistakes.

Instead, let’s look to the future and be happy we still have some competent individuals running this city.

Without Mayor Norman Erskine, this town probably wouldn’t even exist, as his energy and continued efforts have kept Marlin afloat.

And it’s because of elected officials such as Erskine that towns survive – then thrive – due to constant hope and confidence.

For Marlin, the first steps have been made in turning the town into a shining city on a hill – with many prayers being answered last Tuesday evening in City Chambers when council members approved the hiring of Pierce.

As a fairly young father of a precious ten-month-old daughter, I can tell you from experience that baby crawls and steps quickly become large ones.

It is my hope that the city of Marlin begins to make the same progress – rapidly adapting from an unbalanced crawl to a high-speed chase as our community joins together in unity and support of all citizens and city personnel.

From a dad standpoint, it’s okay by me if my baby girl Isabel spends a bit more time crawling before reaching the walking stages – she is already a curious wiggle worm with legs and arms that become speedier by the day.

However, I digress.

The City of Marlin needs to quit crawling and start, at the very least, walking.

Council members need to remember that they are elected officials and leaders of this town, and work together to make things happen.

And this community, as a whole, must learn to join together as a band of brothers – taking a group of individuals with different backgrounds and talents and creating a unified team working toward a common goal.

As a lifelong fan of sports, and especially Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s Duke Blue Devils as well as Coach Scott Drew’s Baylor Bears, a lot can be learned on the college hardwood.

Both Coach K and Coach Drew are very similar in their teachings and passion for the game of basketball – they both thrive on lessons learned both on and off the court while stressing the importance of issues such as education, family and responsibility.

In addition, both coaches bring players to their teams that want to be something bigger than themselves, combining talent and leadership to create pieces in a puzzle that ultimately lead to firsts – a first victory against a top-10 opponent, a first invite to the March Madness bracket, a first victory in postseason play… the list goes on and on.

Marlin can learn quite a bit from the lessons learned and taught approximately 30 miles north on Hwy. 6 by Baylor’s head basketball coach.

For Drew and his coaching staff, they took over a program on the brink of the NCAA death penalty and have turned the Bears into a legitimate Big 12 threat (and in my opinion a top-25 team).

Let’s bring Marlin out of the gutters and onto the highways.

Pierce is a good hire, and last Tuesday’s wise decision by council members is step one of many in making Marlin a better place to both work and live.

It’s really pretty simple: all we have to do is learn to get along.

Then again, maybe that’s easier said (and printed) than done…


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