O’Neil named interim city manager, Marlin begins search to replace Holly

by dentonramsey

O’Neil named interim city manager, Marlin begins search to replace Holly

By Denton Ramsey, Managing Editor


Tim O’Neil, Finance Director for the City of Marlin, was named Interim City Manager on Friday, Nov. 30, effective immediately.

Mayor Norman Erskine, Chief Executive Officer for the City of Marlin, appointed O’Neil prior to making a formal announcement to city staff on Friday morning.

“We operate kind of like a college, or pro football team,” Erskine said. “We made this [decision] as easy and as fast as we could to provide the leadership we need by making this appointment immediately.”

Final action will be taken by the City Council on Dec. 11, with a regular meeting slated to begin at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

“[Former City Manager] Randy [Holly] set the bar real high – real high,” O’Neil said. “I relied on him daily to see if what I did was correct and legal. What a loss.”

For O’Neil, the greatest loss in Holly’s resignation is the loss of the former city manager’s spirit – something he brought with him to work on a daily basis.

“He was always up and always happy, which is tough when in an environment that is not so friendly,” O’Neil said. “I just hope that we can all work together – my door is always open. Let’s stick together until we find out what the council wants to do.”

The appointment of O’Neil to the interim position comes on the heels of a Nov. 28 resignation of the town’s former city manager, Randy Holly, who had been with the city for nearly three years.

“Holly’s resignation is a huge loss to the city,” Erskine said. “This is an opportunity for Tim [O’Neil] to fill-in in the absence of a city manager. We have a good staff, and now we can move forward with his [O’Neil’s] guidance.”

With Friday’s announcement came some positive news as well, with Erskine and O’Neil informing city staff that they had recently met with the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) in Austin regarding Marlin’s situation.

Though still in the preliminary phase, the TWDB is looking into granting Marlin more money to complete the work necessary to fix the town’s water distribution system as well as addressing other funding needs.

“At this point, they are very much on board,” O’Neil said.

According to O’Neil, one of the key concerns of the TWDB is the fact that Marlin has gone through five city managers in a seven-year span.

“What they [TWDB] are looking for is stability and ability,” O’Neil said.

O’Neil met with the TWDB again on Friday afternoon, Nov. 30, in an attempt to convince the board to move forward with tentative plans to provide further funds to the City of Marlin.

“The TWDB is just concerned that Holly left,” O’Neil said. “I just have to convince them that the sky isn’t falling.”


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