MARLIN MADNESS: Holly becomes latest resignation casualty in ongoing battle between city staff and council…

by dentonramsey


Holly becomes latest resignation casualty

in ongoing battle between city staff and council…

By Denton Ramsey, Managing Editor


Once again, the City of Marlin is in a giant hole.

And this time it may be unfixable.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, Marlin City Manager Randy Holly submitted his letter of resignation to Mayor Norman Erskine.

Unfortunately, this comes on the heels of an eight-month marathon between a council gone wild and a city staff eager for improvements.

Results have been devastating.

First, former City Secretary Rachel Scott was forced out of her position with the city staff over a minor attesting time error – becoming the scapegoat for a council intent on blaming the city’s staff for the town’s ongoing problems.

Then, former Public Works Director Bill Maines was the next to go – submitting a letter of resignation a couple of months ago prior to being hired by KSA Engineers to continue an enduring effort to improve Falls County.

Shortly thereafter, Building Inspector Lyndall Groos submitted his letter of resignation.

And now, the results have reached the pinnacle – pushing out a man the city worked so hard to bring aboard in City Manager Randy Holly.

“I do not have the strength to continue fighting for a council that does not want help,” Holly said in his resignation letter sent to Mayor Erskine and council members. “The loss of Mr. [Billy] Terrell’s project was the last straw.”

For the time being, the city couldn’t be in much worse shape.

Marlin currently lacks a complete and competent city staff, primarily due to the council pushing out some of the most brilliant and brightest individuals to ever work for the city, and now they lack a city manager.

My question is, who in their right minds would want this position?

Finding a new staff will be extremely difficult and time consuming, and considering the current council has perpetual problems with time management it’s a task that could easily be labeled ‘mission impossible.’

For a town craving positive news, things couldn’t be much worse for a city staff dwindling in size like clockwork.

Marlin needs to fix the leaks – and quick – before it’s too late.

Whenever a possibility of positive change reaches out a helping hand to this town in need, a select group of pessimistic Marlinites decide to grab a hatchet and cut it off.

“Mr. Terrell was willing to comply with all City, State and Federal regulations,” Holly said. “All Marlin had to do was to be grateful. This council was not able to accept a gift.”

Without new work, this town will never grow.

Without new jobs, Marlin will never prosper.

And without a council that works together for the good of the people, this town will remain at a standstill.

“Without professional staff, the decline in city services and infrastructure experienced by this community over the last 30 years will be reinstituted,” Holly said.

Holly’s right on the money.

It’s been said before, and it will be said again: enough is enough.

Many on the council claim to seek positive change, yet many times they are the individuals responsible for creating the negative news.

Grow up.

Act like adults.

Embrace the role of leadership that you were elected to fill.

Make the tough decisions and stick by them.

Get organized and begin treating the city staff with respect.

Change for the better, or step down.

“Due to the nature of the creature, all the council members were grouped under one common terminology of the council,” Holly said. “There are members of the council that wish to handle the affairs of the city in a legal and respectful manner but have not been able to impact the behavior of others.

“These individuals are Mayor Norman Erskine, Scottie Henderson, Betty Nelson and Willis Reese. These individuals do not agree on a lot of the issues that face the council but they know how to ‘agree to disagree.’ They conduct themselves properly and they treat others with respect.”

Without a complete overhaul of positive transformation, the City of Marlin is heading down the path to self-destruction.

Only this time, there will be no city manager for the council to blame the town’s problems on…


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