Holly submits resignation letter, RTLC plant pullout ‘last straw’ for former city manager

by dentonramsey

Holly submits resignation letter, RTLC plant pullout ‘last straw’ for former city manager

By Denton Ramsey, Managing Editor


Marlin City Manager Randy Holly has resigned.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, Holly submitted his letter of resignation to Mayor Norman Erskine (see letter in its entirety in ‘news’ section online: RESIGNATION LETTER).

“I do not have the strength to continue fighting for a council that does not want help,” Holly said. “The loss of Mr. [Billy] Terrell’s project was the last straw.”

Terrell, who had received council-approved tentative plans to build a plant in the south side of Marlin that would open hundreds of new jobs, soon hit a wall in the expansion process when a petition hit the streets.

The petition, signed by hundreds as ‘Citizens United to Save South Marlin,’ attempted to block RTLC from building a plant at the company’s desired location, eventually leading to Terrell withdrawing his plans to expand into Marlin.

“Mr. Terrell was willing to comply with all City, State and Federal regulations,” Holly said. “All Marlin had to do was to be grateful. This council was not able to accept a gift.”

According to Holly, the council can sometimes be unfairly labeled as an entire group fighting against the city staff – but that isn’t the case.

“Due to the nature of the creature, all the council members were grouped under one common terminology of the council,” Holly said. “There are members of the council that wish to handle the affairs of the city in a legal and respectful manner but have not been able to impact the behavior of others.

“These individuals are Mayor Norman Erskine, Scottie Henderson, Betty Nelson and Willis Reese. These individuals do not agree on a lot of the issues that face the council but they know how to ‘agree to disagree.’ They conduct themselves properly and they treat others with respect.”

With last week’s latest blow to a city in desperate need of positive thinking, Marlin now has more shoes to fill.

Currently, the city staff lacks three major positions after recent resignations, including a Public Works Directors, a Building Inspector, and now a City Manager.

The Marlin City Council will reconvene for a regular meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 11 beginning at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, as residents are encouraged to attend the council’s monthly open meetings.


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