MARLIN MADNESS: Council Chaos – Enough is enough…

by dentonramsey

MARLIN MADNESS: Council Chaos – Enough is enough…

By Denton Ramsey, Managing Editor


Marlin is in a mess and there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Last Tuesday it took the city council nearly seven hours to decide what … to place City Manager Randy Holly on ‘probation’ and postpone an ‘accept resignation-sided’ motion on the fate of City Secretary Rachel Scott? This, after hours of grilling our hard working city employees, including Holly, Scott, Finance Director Tim O’Neil, Public Works Director Bill Maines, Building Official Lyn Groos and Main Street Manager Pam Kelly.

Although I try to stay objective when it comes to the way our city goes about its business – enough is enough.

We’re in this mess largely because our city council members: a) can’t get along, b) seem to despise the city employees and c) love to live in the past.

Just with one of those alone, our city would be sinking – but our council carries all three, and most of the time a majority’s on board.

I’d like to take a moment to stand up for the Marlin Democrat and some of the remarks made by council members against the integrity of this paper and myself.

First, I concur that we did not have all the facts when our original story on the budget hold-up went to press, but our newspaper is not full of lies as one councilman argued.

Another issue discussed on Tuesday night revolved around an idea that the council members and city staff that were on-hand for the budget meeting called the media and then ‘posed’ for a picture.

In the story we ran in the Marlin Democrat about the four council members not showing up for a scheduled budget meeting, I believe that Christine Kern’s pictures accurately portrayed the issue at hand. Nothing was staged and the information in the article was accurate as of press time.

As to a comment from one council member that she was quoted inaccurately, I try my hardest to be very accurate and while I’m not perfect I stand by my work and will continue to do my best to convey what is said accurately and objectively.

With the animosity that currently exists between the council and city staff, it’s no wonder we never get anything done.

The best and only way to get Marlin moving in the right direction is for our city council and our talented city staff to work together, along with the rest of the community.

If someone is unable or unwilling to do that, he or she should step down and make room for someone anxious to make a positive difference in Marlin.

As for the current situation, enough is enough.

The future of this city looks bright, and if we can learn to work as a team – standing jointly on the same page and striving for the same goals – we can begin to paint a more positive image of Marlin. Until we can learn to work together and push aside our differences, this town will remain at a standstill.

Let’s move on, stand together in unity and work to prioritize our goals in an effort to make Marlin a better and happier place to both live and work…


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