MILLER TIME: Marlin RB verbally commits to Big 12’s OSU Cowboys

by dentonramsey

MILLER TIME: Marlin RB verbally commits to Big 12’s OSU Cowboys

By Denton Ramsey, Managing Editor


When Bulldog running back Travis Miller first touched the pigskin on the local Marlin football field, one could tell this kid was headed towards a successful future.

Three years after setting foot onto the high school campus, Miller’s dreams are quickly becoming a reality.

Earlier this summer, word surfaced about Marlin’s hometown star back verbally committing to play with the Oklahoma State Cowboys in 2008.

According to offensive coordinator Kevin Morton and head coach Jerry Malone, Miller fell in love with the Oklahoma State program – and the Cowboys coaches were quite impressed with Miller’s speed as well.

“I really liked their facilities and the way they ran their program,” Miller said.

The Cowboys athletic program has been on the rise over the past few years in the highly competitive Big 12 Conference, and Miller looks to add to that image.

“I was looking to go into the Big 12 and they gave me the opportunity to play for them, so I took it,” Miller said.

In addition to a program on the rise, Oklahoma State has also made multiple upgrades in terms of improving the athletic facilities used by student athletes.

According to Miller, he first decided that he wanted to pursue football when he was in middle school, and his biggest influence in the game comes from a local NFL back.

“My biggest influence has always been LaDanian Tomlinson,” Miller said. “I have never spoken with him personally, but I just always watched him play the game and tried to learn from the way he played.”

And for Miller, making the jump from 22-2A to the Big 12 was an easy decision.

“I pretty much decided on the spot,” Miller said. “I took a trip out to Oklahoma for a tour of the campus, ate and then committed to them.”

Miller’s dream-come-true is now a reality, and the senior Bulldog running back has some words of advice for those striving to reach the next level.

“Keep your head up and don’t let people get you down,” Miller said. “Also, keep your nose in the books and keep your grades up. And as long as God is on your side, you can do anything.”

Miller has taken the game in stride since he first began playing football, and approaches the game as a learn-as-you-go experience.

“My way of playing the game is taking it as it comes to me,” Miller said.

And every time Miller enters the endzone, he gives thanks to good blocks and a solid offensive line.

“Well, first I thank my linemen for giving me the opportunity to score,” Miller said. “And I am always just so thankful to have the ability to be able to score a touchdown.”

Growing up, Miller’s biggest role model was his cousin.

“My cousin is my biggest role model because he taught me to respect the game,” Miller said. “Growing up, I always wanted to be like him and looked up to him. He kept me on the right path.”

And who knew that all these years later, the young and talented Miller would not only be verbally committing to the Cowboys, but he would also have the opportunity of a lifetime during his visit to Oklahoma State.

“I was able to have a picture taken of me with Barry Sanders’ Heisman,” Miller said. “It was the best feeling I’ve ever had.”

In addition to making a trip north, Miller and some fellow teammates participated in 7-on-7 action this summer.

“The 7-on-7 games went well and helped everybody improve on their abilities,” Miller said. “Hopefully, that will carry over to the regular season and will help improve the team’s talent and chemistry.”

For the time being, Miller will be focusing on making some senior shining moments as Marlin’s star running back returns to lead a Bulldogs offense prepped to make a run for the 22-2A title.

“It’s a new year – we all start fresh and anything bad we were doing, we try to improve on heading into a new season,” Miller said. “Come November, we’re going to be undefeated and heading to the playoffs and hopefully moving on to win state. That’s my goal this year.”


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