SPORTS ADDICT: No time for the summertime blues…

by dentonramsey

SPORTS ADDICT: No time for the summertime blues…

By Denton Ramsey, Managing Editor


Growing up, I remember listening to a lot of Beach Boys and Beatles music.

And I always remember singing along to a Beach Boys summer favorite, “Summertime Blues.”

As the sun breaks out and high school and college students’ alike trade in their slacks and button-ups for t-shirts and swimsuits, many athletes will be continuing their sports routines well into the summertime.

So just because you hear the word “off-season,” that doesn’t necessarily mean “time-off” season.

For many athletes, the summertime is a time to rebuild and rehash the bumps and kinks that kept themselves or their team out of post-season play.

And many times, it’s what is done in the off-season that matters the most.

From the little leagues to the pros, athletes use their “off-season” time to train and enhance their skills.

Bulldogs softball head coach Kevin Morton has stressed it with his girls, I’m sure of that.

Coach Morton told the girls on multiple occasions that the work they do in the summer would make them better ballplayers next year.

And it’s true.

Remember growing up how mom and dad would always say, “Practice makes perfect?”

Well guess what – It’s true…

From taking ground balls to batting in the cages; from tossing a pigskin to lifting weights; from running and jumping to pushing and pulling.

It’s all a matter of how bad these boys and girls really want to be at their best come 2008.

Granted, the season is only right now dimming to a close as the high school just held their annual sports banquet last week.

But as the season winds down, the off-season routines light up.

I’m not saying these athletes, especially our Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs, should work constantly all summer long.

We all need to kick back and relax every once in a while, and the summer is a great time for those things to happen.

Just remember what else mom and dad always said while growing up, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

My guess is that most of these guys and girls will be having loads of fun over the summer.

So that means that the 2008 sports season, in all actuality, is right around the corner.

Until next year’s high school sports season, I’ll see y’all around town.

And yes – golf is a year-round sport.

I’ll see y’all on the greens…


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