SPORTS ADDICT: Gistinger does wonders for Marlin, Falls County…

by dentonramsey

SPORTS ADDICT: Gistinger does wonders for Marlin, Falls County

By Denton Ramsey, Managing Editor


We should all be thanking Jesse Gistinger for making our small town a crowded town during the last weekend in April with the installment of the 50th annual two-ball tournament teeing off last Saturday.

With last Saturday and Sunday’s swings came loads of fun and excitement as the Gistinger Two-Ball Invitation officially turned 50.

And along with the fun and excitement came carloads of participants as the 60-team field made their way to Marlin.

Every last weekend in April draws a large crowd to Marlin as the annual tournament embodies everything about the game of golf and the history of the two-ball tourney.

Historically, the Gistinger Two-Ball Tourney boasts the bragging rights of being the longest running two-ball tournament in the state of Texas.

Not only that, but 91-year-old Jesse Gistinger has been in charge of all this since its early beginnings back in 1958.

When speaking with Jesse’s son-in-law, Alvin Chane, at the Marlin Country Club last Thursday afternoon, one could just sense the excitement and energy that goes hand-in-hand with this annual tourney.

Yes, its tradition – but it’s also more than that.

It’s a family reunion of sorts, and it’s absolutely amazing that our small town of Marlin can host such a remarkable event.

Once again, though, it’s all thanks to Jesse Gistinger.

Gistinger began this tourney as a way to make money for the club, and that goal has definitely been met – and then some…

Starting off as a 72-team field that included high school athletes and semi-pro college golfers, Gistinger soon realized he would need to change the format in order to maintain the success of the two-ball tourney.

And limiting the age of players to 25 or older was the answer to that problem, as longtime members and participants applauded Jesse’s decision to limit the tourney with age restrictions.

Now, all these years later, the annual Gistinger Two-Ball Tournament is setup with a 60-team field – scattering 120 golfers all over the beautiful 9-hole course nestled in good ole’ Marlin.

Last Friday afternoon, I had the wonderful privilege of getting a tour of our beautiful 9-hole course.

And boy is it beautiful.

For those who haven’t ventured out to our scenic country club and golf course, I’d recommend making the trip.

After spending a beautiful Friday afternoon on the final four holes with Alvin and his entourage, it was time to head to our high school baseball field as the Bulldogs battled Leon in the season finale.

Early on, we looked pretty solid – and even managed to scratch across a run in the bottom of the second inning to pull within a run at 2-1.

However, I digress… back to the subject at hand.

Gistinger and his awesome adventures roll through Marlin every last weekend in April – and not only is it great for the club, it’s also great for the city.

So the next time you swing through the country club area, drop by and say hi to the wonderful staff – and signup now for your chance at a piece of history for next year’s annual Gistinger Tourney.

Who knows? Maybe next year it will be your name making the paper as a winner for the 51st annual Gistinger.

I know it’s a year away, but trust me – this thing fills up fast.

If you want to be part of the action in 2008, get your name on the Gistinger list ASAP.

It’s only a matter of time before the ’08 Gistinger is already filled to the max…


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