SPORTS ADDICT: Coaches know best…

by dentonramsey

SPORTS ADDICT: Coaches know best…

By Denton Ramsey, Managing Editor


Most of the time, talking about losing can be a difficult thing to discuss.

Especially when it’s your hometown high school teams.

However, when losing become prevalent and wins seem almost impossible to come by, losing seems to be all that everyone talks about.

Granted, we live in Texas – where football fever runs wild and other sports are left to hide in the shadows – but the baseball, softball and track teams need just as much community support and backing as the pigskin players.

When I spoke with Bulldogs softball head coach Kevin Morton at the beginning of the season, he reminded me that this was a football town and that the talent could, at times, be lacking in other sports.

Coach Morton was also very blunt with me in telling me that the 2007 season would be a tough one for the softball team – and wins would be hard to come by.

Boy was he right.

Thus far, we have yet to pick up a district win.

However, this is not due to the girls giving up hit after hit.

The main reason why we lose so often is error after error after error.

When I watched the Bulldogs take on Riesel on April 3 at the Marlin High softball field, they appeared to be heading towards victory number one in district, as we looked sharp through the first couple innings.

Then, the errors started piling up.

It was hard not to yell something along the lines of, “Just hold onto the darn ball and don’t throw it!”

Then again, it probably wouldn’t help.

There’s only so much a fan or sportswriter can do when it comes to wins and losses.

Yes, we are going through a rebuilding process.

And yes, I know that is an understatement – but you have to put some faith in the Bulldogs if you ever expect them to soar.

I digress… back to the subject at hand.

The Bulldogs softball team just needs some practice, that’s all.

Lots of it, yes.

Practice truly does make perfect, though, and with a good coach like Morton at the helm, I can only expect the softball team to get better and better as the seasons progress.

Now, let’s talk about the baseball team for a moment or two as well.

The Bulldogs baseball bunch looked to be starting things on the right foot by taking three of their first four district match-ups.

Since then, we have fallen apart.

Quite literally.

The boys looked pretty bad in their 20-0 blowout loss against Elkhart, and the defense squandered on multiple occasions in last Thursday’s home game against Riesel.

However, I partially blame AWFUL officiating for the Bulldogs collapse against Riesel.

With the game tied at 1-1 in the top of the fourth inning and runners on first and second for Riesel, the Bulldogs got just what they wanted.

A grounder back to the pitcher was immediately bulleted over to the Marlin third baseman that was standing on the bag – well ahead of the sliding Riesel runner.

But the ump saw things differently, quickly throwing both of his arms outward and yelling, “Safe” to a chorus of boos from the Bulldog crowd.

Coach Dustin Sowders even made a few comments under his breath over by the Marlin dugout, shaking his head in frustration.

At least we thought it was under his breath.

The ump that made the call quickly called time before turning to coach Sowders and saying, “If you have something to say, come say it to me – otherwise, enough…”

With that, coach Sowders approached the official in the infield grass before walking back to the dugout just seconds after “talking” to the ump.

One thing is for sure – the call was awful.

It’s called a force-out, and for those officials out there that have yet to review the rules of baseball, no tag is needed in this instance.

But oh well, bad calls happen all the time unfortunately.

However, this bad call led to ultimate disaster for the Bulldogs, as Riesel scratched across three runs in the frame to take a 4-1 lead.

Yes, it is ridiculous that some umps don’t know and understand the rules of the game, but one way or the other the Bulldogs baseball team is in a similar boat when it comes to rebuilding the program.

Then, there’s Marlin track.

On a wonderful, warm afternoon last Thursday, the Bulldogs hosted the Falls Relays – with both the junior varsity and varsity squads competing.

And our Bulldogs did fairly well, but once again these teams need the town’s attendance and support.

Come on, Marlin sports fans – if we can take the time for Friday nights’ lights all through the cooler months of the year, the least we can do is show up at a few baseball and softball games during the most beautiful months of the year.

With a little help from their friends, who knows what next year’s baseball and softball squads could do?

If we all support our “other” sports teams as much as we do the football team, amazing things will happen.

Trust me.

We just all have to believe – One game at a time…


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