Healthy nutrition begins with family teamwork

by dentonramsey

Healthy nutrition begins with family teamwork


By Denton Ramsey / Sports Editor


Licensed dietician Ronda Sisak spoke to a small group at the Grand Prairie public library on Dec. 14, addressing the issue of healthy nutrition for families.

Sisak’s presentation, entitled “Keep Kids Fit: Healthy Nutrition for Families,” was originally scheduled for Nov. 30 but was re-scheduled due to the snowy local weather.

Sisak works as an RD/LD for the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, spending a majority of her time focusing on the Dean Foods LEAN Families Program.

Lifestyles, Exercise and Nutrition (LEAN) for kids is what makes Sisak tick.

According to Sisak, healthy nutrition begins with the family.

And many times, fixing an issue of an overweight child begins and ends with the family working as a team to eat healthier.

If needing something quickly while on the run, Sisak recommends meals such as Bird’s Eye for quick-cook veggies and Skillet Sensations.

“The first LEAN program classes began in April,” Sisak said. “And there are not a lot of programs out there like this.

“We’re learning as we go.”

Sisak also reviewed items such as “Fast Fuel and Fun for Kids on the Run,” recommending plastic bags to pack snacks in small portions ahead of time.

Many of these “Rules of the Road” tips can be found online at

The Food Pyramid, which also recently underwent some visible changes, was also reviewed.

The Food Pyramid is also available online at

Unlike in the past, where the Pyramid recommended amounts of each category in servings, the Pyramid now measures using cups and ounces.

For example, in a 2,000 calorie diet, an individual would need to consume at least 6 oz. of grains, 2 ½ cups of veggies, 2 cups of fruits, 3 cups of milk and 5 ½ oz. of meat and beans every day to meet the standard requirements.

To find the amounts that are right for you individually, go to

The website also contains worksheets and in-depth nutrition information for those willing and wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes.

For more information about the LEAN program, contact Sisak at

Sisak can also be reached at the Children’s Medical Center at 214.456.8249.


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