SPORTS ADDICT: Behind every good team is a great coach…

by dentonramsey

SPORTS ADDICT: Behind every good team is a great coach…


By Denton Ramsey / Sports Editor


This deep into the season, bad calls should not be occurring that often.

But that wasn’t the case on Friday night, Nov. 17 at Mansfield ISD Stadium.

The officials seemed to be elsewhere on Friday, tossing the yellow flags early and often against the SGP Warriors.

And sometimes, bad calls didn’t even include tossing the flag.

One particular play that kept Arlington Bowie alive came late in the game when the Warriors appeared to pick up a safety.

But the officials somehow saw and called forward progress on the play, ruling that the player was down at the 1-yard line.

And from where I was sitting, the officials were dead wrong.

That awful call alone kept the Volunteers in the game.

But just like Warriors head coach David Fisher told me after the very first game of the season, “I’ve never been beat by the officials and I never will be.”

Fisher’s young men proved that once again on Friday night in Mansfield.

The Warriors battled past it all – the officials, the weather and the adversity – and came out victorious in a 24-21 round one win.

However, this is just the first step of many if the Warriors want to win it all.

So far, so good.

One down, five to go.

The Warriors enter round two of postseason play on a seven-game win-streak, despite some awful officiating throughout the entire season.

Granted, things got better midway through the season when it appeared as though the officials might have actually reviewed the rule book.

But after Friday’s round one victory over Bowie, it once again has me asking the question, “Are high school officials being paid off?”

One way or the other, the Warriors have found a way to win – week-in and week-out.

And come Friday night at Texas Stadium, I’d expect about the same from the SGP Warriors.

Last week against Bowie, we managed to face adversity and battle past it to a three-point victory over the pesky Volunteers.

But that’s truly all that matters – we once again found a way to win.

Just like all the great teams in any sport, the legendary champions find a way to win no matter what adversity is thrown their way.

One of the main reasons I love Duke Basketball is that very reason… and this: behind every good team is a great coach.

The reason why Duke is so great, year-in and year-out, is because of the leader at the helm: Coach K.

And the same rings true with the Warriors of South Grand Prairie.

Behind the great success of SGP lies senior leadership and a phenomenal coaching staff.

Behind all the SGP victories lies a very competitive senior quarterback and a coach that knows how to win.

Coach Fisher has taught his young team quite well, and they have quickly been molded into champions.

After a hearty Thanksgiving meal, let’s celebrate this time of year with a round two victory.

Deck the halls with SGP Banners.

Let’s paint the town Warrior Red.

Thus far, it’s proving to be the year of the South Grand Prairie Warriors.

And round two begins Friday night in Irving.

I’ll see y’all at the game…


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