SPORTS ADDICT: The men in stripes are NOT always right…

by dentonramsey

SPORTS ADDICT: The men in stripes are NOT always right…

By Denton Ramsey / Sports Editor


On Friday night at Mansfield Summit, the men in stripes made some awful calls.

And on Friday night, I believe the officials made one of the worst calls I have ever seen while watching high school football.

Late in the third quarter and sitting on a fourth down, the Mansfield Summit Jags attempted to reach the endzone, only to have the pass fall incomplete due to remarkable defense.

However, the officials saw things differently.

As the pigskin fell from the Jags’ receivers hands, officials standing in the endzone signaled touchdown to an eruption of anger from the South Grand Prairie sideline.

I thought Coach Fisher was going to be escorted out in handcuffs after the outrageous call sent him into an angry dash for the closest official.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t on the sidelines on Friday night, as I chose to sit in the stands with the fans and my fiancé behind the Warriors sideline.

But after the officials third quarter massive mistake of a call, I blew up – and who knows what kind of words were coming out of my mouth.

All I know is that I felt just as angry as Coach Fisher, and if I had been on the sidelines I’m pretty sure the men in stripes would have known and heard my complaints.

And, most likely, I would have been the one escorted out in cuffs on Friday night.

However, I digress…

Although bad flags were thrown all night, the worst call of the evening came without a flag ever being thrown.

And it’s ridiculous.

Just like there needs to be a shot-clock in high school hoops, officials need to be held accountable for their calls (and no-calls for that matter) if we expect to keep any integrity in this game of high school football.

I mean, give me a break, its high school football!

Are officials now being paid-off at this level??

I would hope not, but after viewing the last two games from a Sports Editor stand-point and a fans stand-point, I’d beg to differ.

High school football players should be allowed to celebrate after a big third-down sack.

They should be allowed to celebrate after making a game winning interception and returning it to the house for a nail-in-the-coffin victory.

But these men in stripes have something stuck up their exit-only, and it’s also obvious to me that many of these guys need some inch-long or thicker glasses just to tie their own shoes.

It’s ludicrous to me when a team full of passion and heart like the kids at South Grand Prairie are screwed over, time and time again, due to awful officiating.

It’s time for these guys to be held accountable for their actions, and I’ll be the first to do so by saying that the officials at the last two Warriors games should be re-evaluated and re-taught the rules of the game.

Otherwise, what’s stopping these men in stripes from cheating?

So far, we’ve seen a lot of cheating and bad calls.

And two games into the season, it’s time for that to stop…

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