HAZEL HIGH: Sister Hazel – Absolutely the best, guiding us along on America’s modern musical submarine…

by dentonramsey

HAZEL HIGH: Sister Hazel – Absolutely the best, guiding us along on America’s modern musical submarine…

By Denton Ramsey / Hazel Blogger


After listening to an advance copy of Sister Hazel’s sixth album, Absolutely, which is due to hit stores October 10, all I can say is two words: absolutely amazing.

These guys continue to impress me, album by album, step by step, and it’s truly amazing and inspiring to watch this fivesome bring fans from tears to laughter as their lyrics ring and sing about real life events.

From their opening track, Shame, to their final track, Everything Else Disappears, Hazel takes us on a musical submarine ride as Ken Block, Drew Copeland, Ryan Newell, Jett Beres and Mark Trojanowski lead us through the waters of life using melodies and harmonies that make Sister Hazel the most incredible band in the history of modern music.

In my opinion, Sister Hazel is America’s modern Beatles, our new Pink Floyd… these five guys know music inside and out, and they have proven that album after album.

When Hazel released Chasing Daylight, I told my best friend, Marco Merino that Hazel had now reached the pinnacle of what I saw the band accomplishing in their careers as musicians, but I was damn wrong.

These guys proved me wrong when they released Lift, and I was hooked immediately. After hearing Lift just once, it became an automatic everyday album I listened to.

As a lifelong Hazel fan (well, since the band began back in 1993), I sat in a musical Hazel high as I listened to Absolutely.

And Absolutely is absolutely amazing, from start to finish.

The band’s new single, Mandolin Moon, is the second song on the album, and from the get-go all Hazelnuts will love the sweet, sweet harmonies and sounds on Hazel’s latest release.

From their awesome acoustics to their catchy chords and choruses, Sister Hazel has done it once again.

Another five-star album on a four-star system, I’d recommend Absolutely to anyone who has ever dreamed big and loves music for what it’s worth.

The members of Sister Hazel know all too well about the highs and lows of love, and fans can relate to their lyrics of life from album to album.

And step by step, track by track, Hazel’s latest release takes listeners on yet another wonderful Hazel high ride – and it’s a ride I never want to exit.

Absolutely has 13 tracks: Shame, Mandolin Moon, Meet Me In The Memory, Beautiful High, Hey Hey, Hello It’s Me, Tear By Tear, Where Do You Go, Anyway, This Kind Of Love, Truth Is, One Time, and Everything Else Disappears.

A personal favorite would have to be Hey Hey, which takes me back to the sounds of the 70’s in reminiscence of listening to my parents’ albums and bands such as The Loving Spoonful.

Tear By Tear is also a definite favorite, as almost any and every fan can relate to the touching lyrics and musical melody mixes of Block and Copeland.

Another favorite would have to be Hello It’s Me, which reminds me of a Matchbox 20 type of sound, though as much as I love MB20 as well, I must say that Hazel is hands down a better band in terms of lyrics, harmony and overall musical content.

However, I digress…

All in all, all I can say is that I love these guys and I’ll forever be a Hazelnut.

I love every track on Hazel’s latest album, as the band doesn’t skip a beat from Shame through the final note of Everything Else Disappears.

Sister Hazel is absolutely the best, and they have proven it to the musical world once again with their latest release, Absolutely, which hits stores Oct. 10.

For more information on Sister Hazel, visit the band’s official website at www.sisterhazel.com or visit Hazel’s MySpace page at www.myspace.com/sisterhazel


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