08.08 HAZEL HIGH: Absolutely ‘Mandolin Moon’ a Sister Hazel masterpiece

by dentonramsey

08.08 HAZEL HIGH: Absolutely ‘Mandolin Moon’ a Sister Hazel masterpiece

By DENTON RAMSEY / Hazel Blogger


I wanted to take some time to write my first Sister Hazel, ‘Hazel High’ column, but due to listening to their latest release today, I can wait no longer…

Sister Hazel is a band I have loved since the day of their development.

In my honest opinion, they are the band of all bands, and they truly have a gift and talent for all aspects of music – from their lyrics to their riffs.

Hazels latest audio release, ‘Mandolin Moon,’ is a track off their upcoming album, Absolutely, which is due to hit stores in October.

And ‘Mandolin Moon’ ropes the moon – it’s great!

In typical Hazel harmony, this track is a must-have and a must-hear for all Hazelnuts.

From their incredibly intriguing introduction to their calming chorus of chords, this latest Hazel hit had me dancing around the room and humming on a Hazel high filled with guitar riffs and melodies.

The website where you can listen to ‘Mandolin Moon’ is:


I’ll be back in the near future with more Sister Hazel news, notes and praise in upcoming ‘Hazel High’ columns.

Until then, stay tuned and keep listening for more Hazel tunes… 

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