BLOG SMOG: Another page turned…

by dentonramsey

BLOG SMOG: Another page turned…

By Denton Ramsey / Sports Blogger


The moment fits in almost perfect harmony to a scene right out of a movie like Jerry McGuire, only this time its real life.

One man pushes for the right; another man pushes for the wrong.

For those familiar with these real life events, it’s just another chord in another verse to that same familiar tune.

As a sportswriter, editor and fan of the many, many sports that I cover year-in and year-out, I often ask myself a simple question: Why do I do what I do?

And the answer is pretty simple too: Because I love it.

I love writing about sports.

I love being part of the action.

I love keeping my eyes on the ball and trying to snap the perfect picture while attempting to jump over a pair of defenders tackling the tight end.

At the same time, I enjoy attempting to pitch a strike from the mound.

I enjoy watching the impossible become possible.

I enjoy watching dreams become reality.

And I love the morals, values and ethics that are taught in the games I’ve grown to love.

In the same breath, I would hope the same would be true in my line of work as a journalist.

But it isn’t.

I might be the towns newest sports editor, but I’m not new to keeping my mouth shut about controversial situations, especially ones involving things I feel extremely passionate about such as sports and, well, writing.

I do what I do because I love it, plain and simple.

Some people that “lead these newspapers” have forgotten about classes such as ‘Law and Ethics of Journalism’ required during their senior year in college.

What has happened to the profession of professional journalism?

Does it even exist anymore?

Often times, it’s hard to say.

Despite what happens in journalism, you can have no attitude, a negative attitude, or a positive attitude.

I choose the latter.

For me, I write because I love to write.

I cover sports because I love these games so very much.

And, most of all, I love what I do because of the relationships made along the way.

But sometimes bridges burn, and sometimes life is about much more than a simple win-loss record.

I love what I do and I always will.

For me, and as my best friend Marco Merino always says, “It’s another chapter in the book of life, another page turned…”