Commissioners meet, THC project now moving forward

by dentonramsey

Commissioners meet, THC project now moving forward

By Denton Ramsey / Staff Writer

The Brewster County Commissioners Court met for their regular meeting on Wednesday, April 20 and the key issue addressed concerned the Texas Historical Commission (THC).

According to Judge Val Beard, “the home project is now moving forward” as a team from THC recently visited Alpine.

“They were very accommodating in working with Travis Roberts,” Beard said. “THC has cleared Mr. Roberts to complete any work needed and they are being very reasonable about the rehabilitation standards. It looks like we’re going to be able to complete this project.”

In other news, commissioners were unable to take action regarding the Study Butte Water Corporation.

“Information was just received and commissioners felt they did not have adequate time to make a decision,” Beard said. “We plan to address this issue at our next meeting.”

In matters regarding the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and the Border Colonia Access Paving Grant, commissioners looked at drawings for the projects and concurred that the plans looked good.

Commissioners also approved amendments made to the TXDOT Border Colonia Access Program for the town of Marathon consisting of deletions and additions of streets to be improved.

“Commissioner Ortega recommended some of the streets in the grant for Marathon should be changed as there is not enough traffic,” Beard said.

Commissioners accepted Ortega’s recommendations.

No action was taken in matters related to Esperanza Road after commissioners met in executive session.

“During the meeting with our county attorney, negotiations began with some property owners and no action was taken,” Beard said.

In regards to May meeting scheduling issues, Beard has asked commissioners to get their schedules to her “as soon as possible because we’re going to be busy.”