APD nabs suspect in connection with Buffalo Rose burglary

by dentonramsey

APD nabs suspect in connection with Buffalo Rose burglary

By Denton Ramsey / Staff Writer

A call on April 23, 2006 regarding an individual displaying signs of ‘public intoxication’ (PI) turned out to be much more than an average PI case.

The Alpine Police Department responded to the call, and upon arriving on the scene officers realized the suspect also had an outstanding warrant in connection with the Buffalo Rose burglary, which took place Sept. 28, 2005.

APD officers arrested Reymundo Julian Vega, 21, at the 700 block of E. Holland Ave. on April 23 for both Public Intoxication and Warrant Service – Burglary.

“This just goes to show the dedication of our officers,” Alpine Police Chief Russell Scown said. “Although these burglaries occurred a while back, we continue to keep trying to track down something.”

According to Scown, APD officers had already arrested John Robert Cisneros in connection with the Buffalo Rose burglary. With the latest arrest occurring April 23, the Buffalo Rose burglary case has now been cleared.

“Two suspects were involved in the Buffalo Rose burglary,” Scown said. “With the arrest of Mr. Vega, this clears the case.”

Other recent local burglaries have involved juveniles breaking into vehicles, and according to Scown the best way to deter criminals from breaking into a car is simply “keeping your car doors locked.”

Although Alpine is a small community in which no violent crimes occur regularly, small incidents still take place.

“Local residents need to be aware that burglaries are occurring in town,” Scown said. “And the best way to deal with criminals burglarizing both homes and businesses is to have an alarm system installed.”

As a reminder, APD officer Felipe Fierro is still available to survey homes, free of charge, to receive a home security discount.

To contact officer Fierro regarding home security systems or if anyone has any information regarding local burglaries, contact the Alpine Police Department at 837-3486.