Sports Addict: April’s Astros’ ace Roy O treats Houston to 1-0 season opener victory

by dentonramsey

SPORTS ADDICT: April’s Astros’ ace Roy O treats Houston to 1-0 season opener victory

Denton Ramsey / Staff Writer

As quickly as George Mason went from 11 to heaven, spring training closed out and Major League Baseball hit the screens in full swing.

With my Houston Astros in action on Monday’s opening night, I sat in eager anticipation for the game to begin.

Prior to the first game’s first pitch, the fans were treated with a presentation of tremendous teams in the tale of Astros history. Nolan Ryan was the first to hit the stage, followed humbly and loyally by Houston hero Craig Biggio and players from the past before an emotional moment occurred, completely unexpected, as Jeff Bagwell emerged from the dugout and hit the field in full stride.

As Bagwell slowed to a walk as he approached long-time teammate and friend Biggio in what appeared to be almost slow-motion, the fans stood as one and began clapping in unison for one of Houston’s original killer B’s. And they continued to clap as the ovation echoed throughout the town as the television cameras slowly panned in on baseball’s bests, Biggio and Bagwell.

The emotion felt in that instance on opening night is one that is very special in the hearts, minds and sports souls of Houston fans and MLB fans alike. With Florida’s Dontrell Willis on the mound for the visiting Marlins, Astros ace Roy Oswalt took the hill for Houston.

The Astros finally managed to plate the lone run of the game late in the seventh inning as Biggio crossed home with the bases loaded on a wild-pitch to Morgan Ensberg.

But Roy O and his bros took care of business as Oswalt tossed eight solid innings in a 1-0 Astros victory. Granted, Tuesday night was a different story. With the game not televised locally, I cruised home in the Camry after exiting the Avalanche around 7:30 p.m.

Thank goodness for the internet – it’s so great for sports addicts, such as me, to have access to Astros action. Tuesday was terrible though, as Andy Pettitte was anything but awesome in an outing that saw an early exit for Houston’s A.P.

Houston fell 11-2 to the Marlins on Tuesday at home, but after last year’s late season miracle run to the World Series, Houston’s ball club appears to be on the horizon for one final shot for the Series with backbones like Biggio and Bagwell still intact.

The 2006 Major League Baseball season has now begun, and I can’t wait to watch my Astros defend their NL title. For those doubters out there, let us not forget that Houston proved to the baseball world, just last year, that all dreams and prayers could come true. And Houston’s mission is not quite accomplished.

In their 45th season in the majors after beginning a dynasty as the Colt .45s, 2006 looks to be another push for the playoffs for what many would call the ailing Astros.

Ailing or not, there’s no failing when it comes to Astros baseball.