Safety Survey = Insurance Discount; Homeowners with alarm system may receive discount

by dentonramsey

Safety Survey = Insurance Discount; Homeowners with alarm system may receive discount

By Denton Ramsey / Staff Writer

For those out there looking for a five percent or 20 percent discount on their homeowners insurance, Alpine Police Officer Felipe Fierro is just a phone call away.

The program, which is a free of charge survey of bolts, locks and alarms, offers both a five percent and a 20 percent discount on homeowners insurance.

The basic package (the five percent discount) includes checking to insure all windows have the proper locks, insuring all doors are properly locked, insuring that inside locks are bolted and keyed from the inside if within 40 in. of breakable glass (as well as insuring a solid core of at least 1 3/8 in. thickness) and insuring that all sliding windows are secured with a locking device.

The 20 percent package includes checking all of the above and also insuring the alarm system includes working motion detectors, window censors, insuring all sliding doors are secured with a pin locking device (as well as confirming all double doors meet the standards of exterior doors), checking to insure the burglary alarm system installation is in compliance with the Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies Act, and confirming that the alarm company is registered with the Texas Department of Insurance.

Fierro does all of the surveying, which is offered for free to the citizens of Alpine.

“We will do them outside of the city and outside of the county as well,” Fierro said. “Just call and setup an appointment with me and I’ll be happy to go do it for them.”

Fierro can be reached at the Alpine Police Department at 432-837-3486.