Sports Addict: Redick Reality begins once the Devils hit the court…

by dentonramsey

Sports Addict: Redick Reality begins once the Devils hit the court…

By Denton Ramsey / Staff Writer

It’s now officially time for March Madness, and we all know what that means.

Come April, the Blue Devils will be cutting down the nets.

When people talk about Duke basketball, the #1 thing one should think of is: K.

That’s right, Coach K. Coach K is the sixth man, the missing piece to the puzzle, a leader in a world of fallen angels.

And under that leader’s wings came two players with two incredible gifts and talents.

Shelden Williams and J.J. Redick, Duke all-senior, all-ACC, all-star inside-outside duo, will be the Devils’ twin towers as Duke pushes for their first NCAA title since 2001.

A lot of people out there hate Duke basketball.

I’ve heard anaylists on ESPN try to compare the hatred for Duke to those that hate teams that are successful, such as the New York Yankees.

I say “no way” to that comparison.

Yes, both programs have had tremendous succuess.

But the Yankees bought their success.

And last year, the Yankees lost money due to their overpaying, overweighing ways.

Duke hoops, on the other hand, has one person, one letter, to thank for all of their success.

K. The man. The coach, leader, father and role model with a new goal in 2006 as his takes his new team under his wings and prepares them for what we know simply as “March Madness.”

Well, guess what? The madness has begun, and in jsut a few short weeks, we’ll see who’s left standing.

One word of advice to those Duke haters out there: When J.J. Redick is on, it’s over.

Once those three’s start draining, Redick Reality begins.

And once Redick Reality starts, the Blue Devils gain full steam.

Come April, we already know who the real champs are when it comes to J.J. and company.

And it’s all thanks to K.