Lightning causes major house fire

by dentonramsey

Lightning causes major house fire

By Denton Ramsey / Staff Writer


A “major structural fire” engulfed the attic of the Ronnie and Jan Williams residence in Carpenter Addition Friday morning, July 15, after lightning struck the house.

Severe lightning was reported around the area during a thunderstorm that morning.

According to Fire Chief Mark Scudder, Ronnie Williams attempted to reach the flames on his own accord and slipped off the roof. He was transported to Big Bend Regional Medical Center for injuries he sustained and has since been released.

“The lightning struck and hit the roof, which began a fire in the attic,” Scudder said. “From there, it progressed through the attic and we had to cut holes in the roof to get to the fire.

“It completely destroyed at least half of the attic and considerable fire damage was done in the living room, on the ceilings and in the walls. It took us about an hour to completely extinguish the fire.”

According to Jan Williams, Ronnie’s wife, the fire did considerable damage and has left their family “homeless.”

“As far as Ronnie’s injuries [from falling] he’s doing better but is still pretty banged up,” Williams said. “It’s just one of those things that is going to take a while to heal up. The fire burned through the attic and into the house and the ceilings caved in because of taking on too much water. There are only two rooms in our house that are not completely trashed.

“Our insurance company has told us the house is totaled, but we’re still waiting to have that confirmed. Right now we’re just trying to move stuff out. We’re homeless and we need to find a home.”

An account has been setup by the First Christian Church at West Texas National Bank under the title “Williams Fire Fund.”


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