MLB Part II: Finishing strong is all that matters…

by dentonramsey

MLB Part II: Finishing strong is all that matters…

By Denton Ramsey / Staff Writer


As the second half of the Major League Baseball season gets underway, the local Texas teams in the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros are making a push for postseason play.

But I’m here to talk about the Astros.

The Houston Astros looked to be dead in the water after they began the season 15 games under .500 at 15-30. But since that time, the ‘stros have been on a tear.

As of July 8, the Houston Astros were a mere two games under .500 at 41-43.

And after sweeping the Los Angeles Dodgers prior to the All-Star break, the Astros are now one game over .500 at 44-43.

Growing up in Houston, I always looked up to the Astros. I remember watching as Nolan Ryan pitched in Houston and then spent his final days as a Ranger.

Before moving to Denton, (about 30 miles north of Dallas), I had no problems with the Dallas-based teams in the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars (I have always hated “America’s team” in the Cowboys-sorry to those loyal fans out there).

After spending a year in Denton, I grew to hate Dallas teams. Not because of the team itself but because of the fans and people in the Dallas area who had such a hatred for Houston and their sports teams.

However, I digress.

Today we’re here to talk about the Houston Astros and their amazing turn around since being 15 games under the .500 mark.

It’s been an amazing run since then, and I’ve enjoyed the ride. After getting off work every day at the Avalanche, the highlight of my day has been watching the Astros and their return to greatness.

Every game has been full of excitement, and in my opinion, the Astros have one of the best starting pitcher rotations in the majors with Roy Oswalt and Roger Clemens leading the charge.

I have always believed in my team. I’m not one of those fair weather fans who jump on the bandwagon come play-off time.

No, I’ve loved my Astros through it all and I kept telling people who doubted my team that they could, and would, reach the .500 mark by the All-Star break.

And by gosh, they did it, knocking off the Dodgers in come-from-behind fashion on Sunday to bring the team to one game over .500 for the first time in ages.

I love the Houston Astros, and I look forward to a roller coaster ride ending, just like last season.

National League Wild Card, here we come.

Watch out Atlanta, the Houston Astros are on a mission.

And we won’t stop until we get there.


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