Election judges appointed

by dentonramsey

Election judges appointed

By Denton Ramsey / Staff Writer


The Brewster County Commissioners met Monday at the courthouse to discuss the issues the county is dealing with-from road repair to the appointment of election judges.

The first issue at hand dealt with the treasurer and general bills, which were approved. The officials’ monthly reports were also approved.

In the road and bridge department, a general update was given about patching potholes in Terlingua, work on signs and keeping the road cleared.

The key issue for the road and bridge department deals with the Esperanza Road Loop and a request for the county’s assistance to keep the roads open to the public.

Another problem with the loop has to do with flooding and the issues that emergency personnel could encounter if flooding were to occur in an area where they must cross to get to an emergency site.

A motion was made directing the county attorney to look further into the issues and report back to the commissioners’ court on Monday, July 18.

In the county elections department was the proposal of election judges and alternates for the general election in November through the primary in 2006.

A list of the proposed names is listed below by precinct and party platform:

Precinct 1: Charlie Robinson, judge, Republican; Gerald Raun, alternate, Democrat.

Precinct 2: Elaine Peters, judge, Republican; Mary Bell Lockhart, alternate, Democrat.

Precinct 3: Ike Roberts, judge, Democrat; Phoebe Bradley, alternate, Republican.

Precinct 4: Roland Baylor, judge, Republican; Joyce Wright, alternate, Democrat.

Precinct 5: Gail Shugart, judge, Democrat; Monica Foster, alternate, Republican (Foster is currently unconfirmed).

Precinct 6: Becky Eadie, judge, Republican; Michael Davidson, alternate, Democrat.

Precinct 7: Virginia Carrico, judge, Democrat; Mike Hatcher, alternate, Republican (Hatcher is currently unconfirmed).

Precinct 8: Luisa Payne, judge, Democrat; Linda McAnally, alternate, Republican.

Another issue dealing with elections has to do with the new electronic voting machines and approval by the secretary of state. The voting machine issue has yet to be resolved and will be discussed again on July 18.

The meeting concluded with a 2006 budget workshop and working on creating a balance

A lengthy workshop of the 2006 budget will be held July 18.


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