Tigers ready for best-of-three trip to Daleville

by dentonramsey

Tigers ready for best-of-three trip to Daleville


DEMOPOLIS – The Demopolis High School varsity baseball team is ready for today’s road trip against Daleville as they prepare to battle the Warhawks in a best-of-three series starting this afternoon at 4 p.m. at the Daleville ballpark.

Demopolis baseball head coach James Moody is confident that his group of Tigers are ready for today’s battle, but has stressed the importance of closing out the game.

“There are some things I stressed with our kids when it comes to Daleville,” Moody said. “In all three of Daleville’s playoff games, they have come-from-behind in the seventh inning to win. So, it’s never put away until that 21st out has been made.”

With the postseason now in full swing, the Tigers are taking things one game at a time – and they are not changing their practice routines as they prepare to head to Daleville.

“We’ve done the same things we always do,” Moody said. “We’re just going through regular ground-ball routines and taking BP [batting practice]. We’ve got to continue to do the things that we’ve done the last four or five games, which is catch the ball, throw it, and hit it when we need to. If we can continue to avoid giving four or five outs an inning and get hits when we need to and move runners when we need to and pitch decent, we’re going to have a chance anytime we step out there.”

The Daleville Warhawks, under the leadership of head coach Chuck Walker, have compiled a 17-6 record in 2005 as they prepare to host DHS this afternoon.


“Daleville is a much-improved baseball team and they are returning six of nine starters,” Moody said. “So, they’re veteran and their number one pitcher is a kid named Matt Sullivan, and he hasn’t lost a game since we beat them here [at DHS] in the first round last year. So he’s obviously on his game and has been on it all year. Daleville has done a good job this year. And coach Walker has done a good job down there with that program. And anytime you go on the road, it’s a challenge for you in the playoffs.”

With today’s games comes another road trip for the Tigers, but coach Moody is confident that the road trip won’t hurt DHS.

“I really feel like it’s going to be a challenge for us to be on the road and so far from home, but of our 32 regular season games, 22 of them were on the road,” Moody said. “So that’s not a real big deal to our kids. It’s not like I’ve got a new bunch going in. I’ve got a bunch of seniors and they know what to do. We’re going to try and break the trip up a little bit. We’re going to stop and eat in Montgomery and then we’re going to go to Troy State and stop and hit there. And then ride on down and just get there and be as fresh as we can.”

So what’s the key to beating the Warhawks in today’s double-header?

“I think anytime you can get into an opposing team’s bullpen, that’s a key,” Moody said. “We’re going to try and take their crowd out of the game as early as possible and just play the way we’re capable of playing. Our kids know what’s going on and they are award of how high the stakes are. And they’re going to be ready to play – there’s never any doubt in my mind about that come this time of year.”