Bulldogs enter game with very few flaws

by dentonramsey

Bulldogs enter game with very few flaws


The UMS-Wright Bulldogs are on a mission.

And their mission is the same as the visiting Demopolis Tigers, who will travel to Mobile on Friday night in a battle to advance to the finals.

This season, the Bulldogs and the Tigers are undefeated.

So what makes UMS-Wright so good?

According to Andalusia head coach Tom Causey, the Bulldogs main strength is the coaching.

“Their main strengths are, number one, the coaching staff,” Causey said. “They have 14 coaches on their team. They are like a machine. They don’t make a lot of mistakes. They force them to makes mistakes against you. Their kicking game is strong. They don’t attack much. They play bend, but don’t break defense. You can’t make mistakes against them.”


Andalusia, who lost to UMS-Wright 28-7, learned quickly that the Bulldogs could run the football.

“The best part of their offense is their running game,” Causey said. “They have a great offensive line. They don’t run a lot of plays, but they run them good. Defensively, they are such good tacklers. They don’t make many mistakes in the kicking game either.”

But don’t take it from Andalusia alone.

Alma Bryant head coach Eric Collier, who led his team in with hopes of an upset, lost to the Bulldogs 17-0.

“Their tight end is a great player,” Collier said. “Their offensive line is very good and they blocked us as well as anyone has all year. They are much more physical than you see on tape – they surprised us there.

“Defensively, they are sound. They are going to run to the football. They do a great job. Coach [Terry] Curtis sits over there with four guys that have been assistants for years. They are going to be well prepared and they do a great job of game planning. I think if there were a weakness, it would be their corners. They are a good ball club, but I think Demopolis will be fine.”

In last week’s semifinal game against Elmore County, the Bulldogs eased their way to victory, thanks in a large part to turnovers.

But according to coach Causey, if Demopolis can stop the Bulldogs run game, they should be able to advance to the finals.

“In order for Demopolis to win, they need to stop the run, number one,” Causey said. “And be able to establish routes and stay o the field on offense. No turnovers. It should be a great game. The team the has the most turnovers will probably lose the game. Those top games – that’s usually what is going to happen. You hope that both teams don’t have many turnovers, but that will be a really good game.”

A “really good game” is probably underestimating the type of athleticism and desire fans will witness on the football field Friday night in Mobile.

But come tomorrow night, speculation time is over and it will be time to play some football.