Giving DHS something to cheer about

by dentonramsey

Giving DHS something to cheer about


The Demopolis High School cheerleaders are giving the Tigers something to cheer about.

With the football team looking hot on the field and the cheerleaders looking hot on the sidelines, the Tigers are aiming for a state championship.

“Our goal is to be leaders,” Nicki Nixon said.

Beyond being leaders, both on and off the field, the Demopolis cheerleaders are trying their hardest to bring school spirit to the field every week.

“Our role is to lead the school and just show them how to have school spirit and to get into that extra curricular activity,” Elizabeth Hamilton said. “Even though you aren’t a football player, a basketball player, or volleyball player, you can still get involved without being directly involved.”

When asked about a favorite game memory from this season, almost every cheerleader agreed on one thing.


“We loved cheering at Northridge because they had the track so we could stunt the whole time,” this coming from many of the girls in the group. “We didn’t have to worry about where the football players were, if they were in our way or running us over. And we could just do whatever we wanted to do. We could get in with the crowd and that was a good memory. The football players got really into the game because it was close and they were going for a consecutive shutout, and so the crowd got really into the game also.”

One thing is certain: the entire DHS cheerleading squad believes the Tigers will be going all the way to the state championship this year.

“The cheerleaders are getting a ring too if they win,” a few said with a laugh.

Both Rosanne Fish and Beth Hamilton said they might try to continue doing cheerleading in college after graduating from Demopolis.

“I’ve thought about trying out at the University of West Alabama,” Fish said.

When asked about the preparation that goes into each week, the group responded in unison.

“We go over all our cheers, we have to paint signs, make the ‘run-through,’ prepare for the pep rally and practice constantly,” the group said. “On Thursdays, we get our bags ready and try to cooperate with JV and let them know how the pep rally is going to go. It’s a lot of hard work. You have to practice all the time.”

Most of the cheerleaders at Demopolis have been doing this for years, but the girls joked around that Nixon was a “red shirt” with this being her first year.

“We only have one new one,” they said. “Nicki Nixon – one new one. Nicki is a red shirt.”

In closing, the DHS cheerleaders just want to show their appreciation and spirit for the Tigers as they race towards the playoffs.

“We love our Tigers and we wish them the best through the rest of the season,” they said. “We just want them to know that we are behind them 100% and we just hope they get through the season and make it to state.”

Just in case anyone was questioning the idea, the cheerleaders made sure to let it be known that “cheerleaders are athletes too.”

“A lot of people say that we aren’t, but they don’t realize all the hard work and dedication that goes into it,” they said. “Last week for homecoming, we practiced Sunday through Thursday for the big game.”

The cheerleaders would like to show their appreciation to the sponsors that provide the footballs as well as their own sponsor.

“We just want to thank Ms. Tia [Lawrence] for putting up with us,” they said. “Just let her know we love her and we’re thankful for everything she does.”

The cheerleaders will be on hand tonight to cheer on their Tigers to a victory as they battle the Jemison Panthers on the road.