It’s mid-October, and almost all sports are in full gear for season

by dentonramsey

It’s mid-October, and almost all sports are in full gear for season


It’s mid-October.

Major League Baseball playoffs are in full gear.

(And, oh yeah, my Astros are winning).

The National Basketball Association has begun practices, and pre-season games begin this weekend.

College football is in full force.

Golf, with Super Tiger slowly dropping, is in full swing.


High School football, an Alabama favorite, is heating up.

And the National Hockey League, if the owners and players would just learn to AGREE on a few things, would soon be starting as well if it weren’t for the lockout.

With the NHL on strike, that leaves minor league hockey such as the American Hockey League to flourish.

When I was living in Houston, my favorite hockey team was always the Aeros of the AHL.

And now they are my ONLY team since the Dallas Stars will not be playing this year (at least not to begin the season… hopefully a compromise will be reached at some point this year).

But I love this time of year.

And to think… only another month or so until one of my all-time favorite sports begins… college hoops.

Nothing compares to March Madness, am I right?

But let’s talk about the here and now… high school and college football.

Tonight, Demopolis battles Greensboro for homecoming in what will end up being a blowout.

West Alabama Prep hits the road for a tough test against undefeated Southern Academy.

And the Alabama Crimson Tide head to Kentucky in what will hopefully be another win for the good guys.

And, yes, Auburn will most likely continue their domination in college football when they take on Louisiana Tech at home.

So, what’s your plan for the weekend?

With many, many games on tap, it’s up to you on what sports you want to watch.

Or, of course, you can be like me and have multiple TVs hooked up at your home so you can watch more than one game at once.

Trust me… it’s worth it.

But that’s just me… I’m addicted.

To sports.