Bama’s real test will come tomorrow at Arkansas

by dentonramsey

Bama’s real test will come tomorrow at Arkansas


The Alabama Crimson Tide will face their biggest challenge of the season thus far when they kickoff against Arkansas tomorrow afternoon.

With starting junior quarterback Brodie Croyle on the sidelines nursing a season-ending injury, sophomore Marc Guillon will be asked to step in and guide the Roll Tide to a victory.

Just two weeks ago, Arkansas put up a fight against my Texas Longhorns, but thankfully Mack Brown and the Horns prevailed.

I hope the same goes for Bama this weekend when they visit the Razorbacks on the road.

This past weekend, Alabama proved they could not only win, but they could shutout a team defensively.

Granted, the team they played wasn’t all that in Western Carolina, but a shutout is a shutout, no matter how you look at it.


Bama has begun getting votes for the top 25 in college football, and my guess is that if they win on Saturday, their name will join the coveted top 25 list.

Bama’s nemesis, Auburn, jumped into the top 10 this past weekend after knocking off LSU in a nail biter.

Nothing against you Auburn fans, but you guys got lucky.

Really lucky.

The penalty on the extra point attempt with about a minute to play in the game was completely unwarranted.

Not only have I never, ever seen a call like that on an extra point attempt (out of years of watching college football), but referees should NEVER make a call like that which will (and did) decide the winner of the game.

In defense of Auburn, if LSU’s kicker had just made the first extra point attempt, this would not have been an issue.

However, it is an issue and it’s a valid argument to say that the final flag of the game against LSU was unreasonable.

But enough about that… we’re here to talk about Bama and how they will soon join the ranks in the top 25 among college football programs.

Bama football is on the rise, and with a win this weekend, look for a season full of success.

Hopefully, young Guillon can guide the Tide to a 4-0 start.

We’ll find out tomorrow when Bama kicks off against Arkansas at 2:30 p.m. on CBS.