Sunshine set to “win one” at home against Calhoun

by dentonramsey

Sunshine set to “win one” at home against Calhoun


Tonight at 7:30 p.m., Sunshine and Calhoun will kick off a return to high school football after a one-week break due to Hurricane Ivan.

The Sunshine Tigers play host to the 3A Calhoun Tigers in what many would call a one-sided match-up.

But Sunshine head coach Frank Watford is focusing on his team’s strengths coming into tonight’s affair.

“Our goal at this point is to win one,” Watford said. “This year, I think right now our passing game would have to be our biggest strength.”

After viewing tapes of Calhoun, coach Watford believes his boys will have to step up on their rush defense in order to get a victory.

“Their running game is their greatest strength,” Watford said. “The key factor for us to accomplish to win this game will be to stop their runs. And they also have a pretty good back that we need to stop and if we do that, I think we will be successful.”


After a week off due to Hurricane Ivan, coach Watford and his Tigers are feeling healthy coming into tonight’s game against Calhoun.

“We have no injuries at this point,” Watford said. “I think that last week [having the week off] helped us. The ankles and soreness are about all gone, so we’re looking pretty strong.”

In both teams previous games, Sunshine lost 61-16 to Sweet Water while Calhoun lost 38-6 to Catholic-Montgomery.

Both teams come into tonight’s affair needing a win.

My prediction: Calhoun 35, Sunshine 7