Demopolis Tigers face challenge in 5A Northridge

by dentonramsey

Demopolis Tigers face challenge in 5A Northridge


As Friday evening approaches, the Demopolis Tigers are preparing for their biggest test of the season thus far when they kick off against 5A Northridge on the road.

And head coach Doug Goodwin believes Friday’s game will be a prime challenge for the Tigers in defending their undefeated streak.

“I think they [Northridge] are the best team we have played so far,” Goodwin said. “They are 5A and they have a lot of kids out with 80-something players. They’ve got a good mix as far as size and speed.”

According to Goodwin, the Northridge Jaguars have a strong and solid team on both sides of the ball.

“They have two running backs that run pretty hard and they have pretty good quickness,” Goodwin said. “Their line is not abnormally huge, but a good size. They run the ball better than they throw it. Defensively, they are real aggressive and want to get up field and get in your backfield a lot. I’m looking forward to playing them. And I hope that we’re up to it.”

In order for the Tigers to win Friday’s affair with the Jaguars, they will have to play patiently and consistently.


And the defense again will play a key factor in the Tigers success.

“You can watch them [Northridge] on tape all day and it’s hard to really anticipate [what to do to stop them],” Goodwin said. “I think defensively, if we stop them from running, then we’ll have a good chance to beat them because they don’t throw the ball as well as they run it.”

The Jaguar offense is also a threat in looking ahead to Friday night’s game.

“They’re sort of one-dimensional as far as their offensive team goes,” Goodwin said. “When Northridge played Pleasant Grove, the number two team in 5A, they took them into overtime, so it’s going to be a challenge. They mix up their fronts a good bit and they blitz a lot.”

The Demopolis offense will also have to step up a notch if the Tigers expect to move to 4-0.

“Offensively on our part, our biggest challenge is to make sure and pick up on all their blitzes and give our quarterback time to operate,” Goodwin said.

In order to cut down on the number of dropped passes in previous games, the Tigers are running a drill where they run a route and catch a tennis ball.

“That’s just a drill we do about once a week,” Goodwin said. “It’s just for concentration to get them focusing on a smaller object and looking it into their hands. It’s just a small thing that you can do that can end up leading to big things.”

Hopefully, those “big things” will come on Friday with a victory over the Jaguars.