Bama football game blackout not fair for fans

by dentonramsey

Bama football game blackout not fair for fans


Commentary by Denton Ramsey/Sports Editor

It was a typical Saturday evening here in Demopolis aside from the trees skewed about the streets and the occasional downed power line.

However, as my friends and I would soon find out, Ivan had ruined more than just a few trees and power lines.

As we walked up to the New Orleans Bar and Grill, the harbor still full of “out of towners” keeping their boats in safe keeping, we made the decision to sit outside to watch the Alabama/West Carolina football game.

We had called ahead to make sure that the restaurant was ordering the game, which indeed they were.

After ordering our food and a round of beers, we soon came to find out that Pay Per View, upon the request from Alabama officials, had blacked out the game in the area in an attempt to get more people to the game.


In my opinion, that is absurd.

Considering Alabama has just been through a surging storm and many people in the area are still without power, how can Alabama officials justify blacking out the game to fans through out the state?

If it had been any other weekend, it would MAYBE be understandable.

But considering Ivan decided to make a visit through Alabama should have given the football officials the green light to allow the game to be televised on PPV.

It’s called “pay per view” for a reason, right?

We pay, we view.

Not the case this weekend in Demopolis.

As fans of the Alabama football program, we should be given access to view the games even though we can’t make the drive to T-town for the live show.

Granted, I did notice the game was replayed on the cable network on Sunday evening as I was flipping channels trying to catch all the wonderful sports action, but that’s ridiculous.

The game SHOULD have been shown, in its entirety, on Saturday evening on Pay Per View, here in Demopolis.

Instead, we were left to watch other college games while we sat drinking beer.

Not to say that the other college action we witnessed wasn’t entertaining, because that DEFINITELY wasn’t the case.

BUT, we wanted to watch the Roll Tide.

And instead we got rolled over Ivan, and screwed over by the ‘Bama football officials who deiced to make the horrible call of blacking out the game.

Next time you guys in charge of the Alabama football media make a big decision about a game being blacked out, remember the true reason the game is so popular – the fans.

Without us, college football would most certainly kick the bucket.