West Alabama Prep looks to turn things around at Cornerstone

by dentonramsey

West Alabama Prep looks to turn things around at Cornerstone


As the West Alabama Prep Titans prepare to take on Cornerstone Christian, head coach Bob Taylor is hoping for improvement from the season-opener loss to Marengo Academy.

After a hard-fought 19-16 loss to the Longhorns, the Titans must now shift their focus to regional action.

“We made a lot of mistakes, but everything is correctable that we did,” Taylor said. “We focused a lot on holding onto the football. We’re also working on execution and getting the jitters out. I see the areas we need to improve on and we’ve been improving on them each week, its just going to take a little time.”

Coach Taylor believes the biggest things the Titans need to focus on are holding onto the football and execution.

“If we just take care of those two things and execute, I think we can be in with anybody,” Taylor said. “Everybody is healthy, so we’re ready to go.”

Although the Titans lost last week to Marengo Academy, there were still some key plays by some players who are vital to the team’s success.


“Against Marengo, of course Wesley Ballard did an outstanding job,” Taylor said. “Our offensive line, and pass blocking was outstanding. Charlie Lee played great, pulling in some key receptions.

“John Colson did a good job at defensive back for us. And our offensive line and defensive line, at times we looked good and at times we looked bad. They did an overall good job and I’m pleased with where we are. But we’ve still got a long way to go.”

According to coach Taylor, the attendance at the season-opener made a big difference in how the Titans responded under pressure.

“I just thank everybody that came out the other night,” Taylor said. “We had a big crowd and I think it was one of the largest crowds they have had a ball game in a long time around here. And there’s some excitement about West Alabama football right now, and that’s good to know. If we can keep the excitement up, that would be great. We’ve got a tough region game this week and this is when the real season gets started. And hopefully we can get on a little bit of a run. We’re playing a good club, but we just have to come out and play.”

The Titans hit the road on Friday night at 7:30 to kick-off their first regional game against Cornerstone Christian.