Expanded sports coverage goal for our newspaper

by dentonramsey

Expanded sports coverage goal for our newspaper

Commentary by Denton Ramsey/Sports Editor

Well, my first day on the job started out with a bang… literally.

As I was traveling down I-20 eastbound through Mississippi, my front left tire blew-out while I was cruising at 70 mph (let’s be honest… it was probably more like 80).

The experience was quite scary, but one I thankfully lived through (thanks too the wonderful police officer and tow guys that were there to help me out).

Oh yeah, Clif… thanks for hooking me up with a place to sleep for the night also.

But anyway, I digress.


Just a little about me: I grew up in Houston, Texas and have been a die-hard sports fans since I was a kid. As a child, I remember idolizing athletes like Nolan Ryan in baseball and Clyde Drexler in basketball.

After high school, I attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas. During my four-year stint in the town, I worked in everything from a sports reporter to a News Editor for the college paper, The Baylor Lariat.

From Waco, I migrated all over Texas… and ended up in Denton, Texas (north of Dallas) in August of 2003.

I spent almost exactly one year in Denton, but I loved it. It was a great growing experience as I worked as a free-lance sports writer covering high school sports and also formed a local band that became the “house band” for a bar called Bottoms Up (I played guitar and was the lead singer).

And now, I sit here miles away from Texas in a small town in Alabama by the name of Demopolis.

My first day on the job was on Wednesday afternoon.

And work began immediately. I needed to find schedules for 19 high schools, time to layout the sports section, three stories had to be done by “deadline”… such is the life of a sports editor (well, really any journalist for that matter).

My goal as the new sports editor for The Demopolis Times is to expand the coverage of the local high schools in the area and work into college and professional coverage.

A change in the layout of the sports page will soon occur as well. Look for more in-depth stats and box scores after local games.

And yes, I’ll try to get your sons/daughters name and picture in the paper when they are the “hometown heroes.”

Overall, I’d like to make the sports section more exciting and entertaining… for both the athletes and coaches, as well as parents and local fans of this thing I love so passionately called “sports.”

Until next time, I’m out… hope you enjoy today’s “new” sports section.

Denton Ramsey is sports editor at The Times.