Letter to the Editor

by dentonramsey

Letter to the Editor

Dec. 9, 1998Dave Roberts came to Baylor with a dream. He came with a dream to make our football team better. And he was on his way to success until Baylor shattered that dream on Sunday night by firing Roberts as the head coach.

Personally, I think that Baylor made the biggest mistake in their football program history by making the move to fire Roberts. If you have to blame someone for the past two 2-9 seasons, blame the team. We’ve always been taught that ‘team’ is not a one-letter word, but obviously Baylor thinks differently.

Baylor chose to blame one individual for an entire team’s failure, and they chose to blame Coach Roberts. Our football ‘team’ failed by Baylor’s standards, but Roberts did not fail.

The football team was not good as far as the record was concerned, which is obviously all Baylor cares about–an end of the season record. They were getting better, and that was all thanks to the man they just fired.

This season, we lost by two points to Colorado and Texas Tech. We should have beat Texas, but due to unfortunate circumstances, we lost. We got beat by Kansas State and A&M; they are now ranked No. 4 and No. 8 in the nation.

But we did beat Kansas and North Carolina State. And at the time we beat NC State, they were ranked in the top 25 after beating Florida State 24-7. Coach Roberts should be honored, not fired. He was working on making our team successful, but Baylor gave up on him way too early.

Coach Roberts wasn’t given enough time to make our ‘record’ successful, but I am certain he would have gotten there within the next two years. Now we will never know.

Baylor is in search of a new coach to lead the football team next season. I’d recommend to anyone being contacted by Baylor to replace Roberts, to decline the offer. If Baylor is going to rate its head coaches based solely on a season’s record, then it’ll be awhile until we have a permanent coach.

I believe it’s a sad commentary when a school like Baylor, that I have much pride and spirit for, makes a stupid move like firing a great coach. Baylor needs to step back and look at their actions, and realize they made a mistake.

Baylor teaches students to ‘do the right thing.’ Yet, they just did exactly the opposite by firing Coach Roberts. Baylor needs to quit shattering dreams and learn to help make dreams a reality. Unfortunately for the football team, the decision has been made.

The next time Baylor wants to blame someone for a losing record, they need to learn to blame the team as a whole, not the coach.

Denton Ramsey / Business Journalism ’01