Letter to the Editor

by dentonramsey

Letter to the Editor

Oct. 16, 1998

I was shocked when I opened today’s Lariat to find an article about the DPS being prepared for acts of vandalism for the upcoming A&M/Baylor game. Yes, I understand that vandalism is wrong, but last year’s event of painting the Aggie Barn was really not ‘vandalism.’ I believe it showed true Baylor spirit.

All the Aggies could do, in return for the great adventure by a few Baylor students showing school spirit, was paint a small A&M logo down on the so- called ‘Baylor River Walk.’

Showing school spirit is great, and if that means painting a barn that says ‘Gig ‘Em Aggies,’ then so be it. School rivalry is a lot of fun, and the events from last year between the Aggies and Bears have strengthened a rivalry between two great schools. I respect the Aggies, but when it comes to school spirit, all I can say is ‘Go Bears!’

I don’t care that A&M beat Nebraska; Baylor has an underestimated football team this year. Saturday’s game should be a lot of fun, and I hope that all Baylor students show up to support the Bears as they take on the Aggies. Show school spirit, wear your green and gold and come prepared to make fun of some Aggies.

Sometimes I think people take things too seriously, and one thing that comes to mind is the painting of the barn last year. It was all in fun, but the Aggies had to make a big deal out of it. They tried to make Baylor feel sorry for them as they sent out the Corps to re-paint the sacred Aggie Barn. Well, A&M, we beat you to it last year. We may have lost last year’s game, but Baylor got the last laugh when it came to the barn.

I think the barn looks much better in green and white anyways. And ‘Sic ‘Em Bears’ looks a lot better than ‘Gig ‘Em Aggies.’ So, watch out A&M, because Baylor is ready to put up a good fight this year on the field. You may have won the game in 1997, but we won the fight of showing true Baylor spirit.

Denton Ramsey / Business Journalism ’01