by dentonramsey


Sept. 17, 1998

Mark McGwire… Sammy Sosa… Two of the greatest baseball players America has ever seen play the game. McGwire got there first, breaking the Maris mark by slamming his 62nd home run in front of his home crowd. It was an emotion time, tears were shed, hugs were made, a speech was given, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball was there to reward McGwire after the game and he also received a new car.

Who was there when Sammy hit his 62nd? There was no time taken from the game for a speech, the Maris family was not there to witness the history, the

Commissioner of baseball wasn’t there to congratulate Sosa for his performance after the game and he wasn’t given a bright new car for making history. But, it looks as though Sammy got his own reward by helping put his Chicago Cubs one game ahead in the Wild Card race.

Sammy Sosa deserves just as much credit as Mark McGwire. He’s done just as much for the game of baseball as Big Mac. As Sammy said, he is ‘the man’ in the Dominican Republic and McGwire is ‘the man’ in America. Well, we in

America have witnessed history… Not once, but twice. Sammy Sosa is also a true hero. A long standing home run record broken by two players, two heros, two great baseball players and two fantastic role models.

When Sosa got to 62, he smiled, and gave his well known sign to the fans and all who were watching on TV. After the game, he was interviewed, and I distinctly remember seeing him on SportsCenter and saying, ‘this is for you Mark, I love you.’ What a statement! After tying the Big Mac and not receiving nearly as much attention as McGwire, he still has a very humble heart. Granted, these two guys became the best of friends as they raced to break 61, but it’s still quite a bold statement to say.

Yes, Sosa did receive phone calls from the commissioner and the Maris family.

He did get his name in the paper. And the race is still on. Who will truly be the new home run king? Sammy has tied up Mac, and it’s just a matter of time before we see who the next home run champion will be.

I do believe Mark McGwire is a true American hero, but I also believe that Sammy has been shafted by the media through the attention they have given him as he has tied up McGwire with 62 home runs. Sosa has been the humble one through this whole race that is not yet completed.

Sammy Sosa is a real hero with a real heart, and he deserves more credit than he has been given.

Denton Ramsey / Business Journalism ’01