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Astrology, Numerology & Houston Baseballogy: 2017 MLB World Champions

Astros Clinch Franchise-First World Series Title with November 1, Game 7 Win at L.A.

By Denton Ramsey /


I’ve been waiting my whole life to see it happen, and I’m only 39 years old.

Others had been waiting over 55 years.

IT finally occurred late-night on 11/01/2017 at 11:01 p.m. CT, when the sky’s stars aligned and times’ numbers shined.

With November’s nerve-rattling game 7, 5-1 win over the Los Angeles Dodges in the 2017 Major League Baseball World Series, my beloved Houston Astros are finally World Champions.

And “Clutch City” has rightfully returned to Houston, Texas.

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From Baylor’s Sickening Silence to Nation’s Two-Party Puppet Show, IT’S TIME TO DEMAND CHANGES

As many of you are fully aware, Baylor University (along with the dark, evil leaders of the school’s twisted police department) continues to stand in silence when it’s comes to it’s Art Briles-blaming and manipulative mishandling of numerous rape cases on the Christian campus in Waco, Texas.

To be blunt, a heavy portion of the propaganda and blame both begins and ends with the University’s controlling, deceiving, and power-hungry Baylor Police Department (although the disturbing, dishonest Board of Regents also play a vital role in the ongoing silence stance).

And to continue on this cruise down honesty lane, this country’s educational “institutions” sicken me nearly as much as our nation’s organized religious “institutions.”

Both claim to stand by high morals and values, but in truth fall far short of anything close to even basic beliefs such as honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

Sadly but true, both are merely pawns of prey craving control of our lives and our minds.

And the leaders of such institutions MUST be held accountable for their evil and deceiving lies and actions.

It’s time to speak up and take a stand.

It’s time to demand answers, as united we stand.

And it’s time to put those puppet leaders ON THE STAND.

From Baylor University’s rape case incompetence to America’s corrupt two-party politics, the time to loudly stand and demand major change is HERE and NOW.

Who else will stand by my side in this love-based truth revolution?

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Open-Letter Request to Baylor University

A Heartfelt, Open-Letter Plea to Baylor University: For Justice, Transparency, and TRUTH
Commentary by Denton Ramsey,

I say this with all the love in my heart, but I refuse to sit idly by and quietly any longer.

I cannot, WE CANNOT, ALLOW the ongoing INJUSTICE to continue in silence at Baylor University.

Despite the awful tragedy and the resulting firings — along with corresponding “campus corrections” following review of the University’s mishaps and mishandlings that none of us need to relive — I am begging for brutal honesty and JUSTICE for all parties involved.

Columnists and writers from Houston to Dallas to halfway across the world were quick to judge and dismiss Art Briles as a liar and a con.

Well, today I quit sitting in silence — and I loudly and proudly stand in Coach Briles’ corner.

The irritating injustice in the entire handling of the Briles situation — and in using him as a scapegoat to the deeper issues in play — most notably by the Baylor police department and their complete mishandling of those rape cases, MUST be re-evaluated.

What irks me the most — bearing the reason behind cover-up speculations by many loyal Baylor supporters — is the FAILURES (and almost apparent sworn secrecy) for a single law enforcement official to be held accountable for any misdoings, especially now that Coach Briles has been terminated.

This University, so selfishly “proud” of their IMAGE, their football team, and their state-of-the-art facilities, would not even HAVE such luxuries if not for the VERY MAN THEY USED — yes, USED — as a doormat for denial and a forced-blame firing; the firing of a man who fully embodies not only the morals and values, such as honesty and integrity, that Baylor “claims” to embrace, but Briles also truly LIVES BY EXAMPLE.

And THAT, justice seekers, speaks louder than words — and portrays the love-centered lessons of Jesus Christ better than any member of this sorry board of regents and hypocritical higher-up officials and administrators could ever DARE TO DREAM of resembling.

The silence by this University — and the zipped-lips stance by authorities and officials who refuse to be held accountable for their utter disregard for TRUTH — is sickening.

And their silence screams of a guilty conscience that embodies evil, not love.

Enough is enough; it’s time for answers.

Baylor fans, students, and alumni deserve better.

They deserve to know the TRUTH.

And in a heartfelt plea, as a former Baylor student, a die-hard fan, and a passionate writer seeking justice, I ask that the University stop their silence and answer the avoided questions.

Release the truth, the FULL TRUTH — regardless of how appalling it may be, and likely is.

And give your team, your students, your faculty, your alumni, your city, your conference, and your school’s questioned-character the answers so desperately needed, desired, and deserved for full and honest closure in this awful chain of events that occurred on this campus.
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Channeling Changes

I’ve personally been going through some epic emotional and mental changes in my life lately, especially in terms of differentiating the desire of wants from the necessity of needs — finding silver linings in each and every situation, regardless of how chaotic and heart-wrenching the initial encounter may feel at the onset — while mindfully maintaining a consistently calm and openly optimistic outlook during life’s weary waves of pain and pitfalls.

It’s all about tweaking our thoughts towards persistently positive mental messages — ultimately leading to realistic yet radical results.

I honestly strive to be an inspiring influence to each and every individual I meet or converse with on any given day of my life — and I’ve also learned to truly forgive, both myself and others — emphatically embracing an anger-free attitude and lifestyle. 

Our daily walk on this earth encounters enough raging resentment as is — and it’s anger that could easily be erased through positive practices of changing the way we think, act, and interact.

I’m ready to collectively channel changes of our thoughts and minds.

Anyone else ready to swan dive into this mental movement and boldly board the train?

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Hands should be illegal

In wake of the latest tragedy in South Carolina that took the lives of nine amazing individuals, the focus should be on the people who died and their impact on the community — not gun control.

Guns don’t kill people; evil people kill people.

And if guns were illegal, it would be another form of mass killings taking place.

People are killed by hands alone on a damn-near daily basis, but is the use of one’s hands illegal?

It’s also sad to me when politicians, such as President Barack Obama, use tragedies such as this as a political platform to begin a debate over gun control.

This isn’t about gun control!

Wake up, America.

As a 36-year-old white male and father, it sickens me that racial tensions still exist — and I’m almost sad to call myself white because I am so ashamed by the hideous acts of violence by the “hands of the white man.”

If we really want to help both South Carolina and our nation heal, let’s focus on the lives of those lost and quit coating the tragedy with issues such as gun control.

Do I believe the individual responsible for these acts of violence is guilty and deserves the death penalty?


But for now, let’s focus on healing.

One victim and one day at time…
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Trading Michael Bourn, Hunter Pence would take heart, soul from Houston Astros

Trading Michael Bourn, Hunter Pence would take heart, soul from Houston Astros

By Denton Ramsey


First, there were talks of Hunter Pence being traded before the deadline.

Next, we were informed Pence wasn’t on the trade market and would remain in Houston this season.

Now, Pence talks are once again heating up and the Phillies appear to be the front runners to land the coveted and speedy right fielder.

In addition, there are talks of Astros center fielder Michael Bourn to the Cincinnati Reds.

And all this trade talk with teams for Class A prospects in return?

Houston’s offense, as bad as it may be, centers around Bourn and Pence.

Without those two, the last-place Astros are certainly doomed not only now, but for a couple tough years to come.

Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time Houston teams have broken fans’ hearts.

In fact, I can think of four players on two teams just within the past year: Shane Battier (Rockets), Lance Berkman (Astros), Aaron Brooks (Rockets), and Roy Oswalt (Astros).

To a certain degree, my inner-coach is telling me to quit browsing the news stories online surrounding potential trades of guys like Bourn and Pence.

But at the same time, it’s infuriating to think the team is even CONSIDERING parting ways with those two; without them, the Astros are destined to lose 120 or more games.

That record in and of itself would make the record books for the most regular season losses by a Major League Baseball team in the past 40 years.

Houston, we have a problem…



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LeBron James and company need to take a trip to Humble county

LeBron James and company need to take a trip to Humble county

By Denton Ramsey

After Coach K and Team USA restored basketball in America to glory gold, I expected more out of the players who donned the red, white, and blue.

More specifically, I expected more from Miami’s big three in LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

Instead of humble losers, I saw childish whiners.

Instead of NBA superstars, I saw elementary school temper tantrums.

And instead of the prior respectful and smiling duo of James and Wade, I saw a couple of runner-ups making excuses for losing to the deeper and more talented Dallas team.

I know that we scrutinize these players and games like Charlie Sheen would study drugs on a blonde’s rack, but nothing will change unless the thrice-burned trio in Miami change their heated and selfish ways.

Especially LeBron.

Until then, all we can do is speculate.

And from here, the future of guys like James really don’t appear too bright after all.

Maybe at least a year or two in college truly would have helped “the king.”

Then again, that’s just my opinion…


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